Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe announces plan to run 50,000 Kilometres this year in other to loose weight


Pastor Chris Kwakpovwe announces plan to run 50,000 Kilometres this year in other to loose weight

Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe, a pharmacist turned pastor has started the New Year with a determination to accomplish two principal things.


Announcing his resolutions at different times at a recent service at the Manna Prayer Mountain both at Ogudu Ori-Oke and Lekki in Lagos, he promised to be a better father to his children and husband to his wife.


Another area of the cleric’s life which he seeks to mend is his physique.  Weighing about 95kg and a little under six-feet, Kwakpovwe told the congregation that he is going to take more time to keep fit.


“My target is to run 50000 kilometres this year. Last year, I ran 40000 kilometres. I have set that target for myself, in order to improve on my physical attributes. Many men of God did not make it to 60 years because they give all their time to the spiritual. The truth is that you need to keep your body fit, in order to carry out the various spiritual assignments, otherwise, it will take a toll on your health.”  He said that this routine physical exercise will be reinforced with rounds of swimming. “I sit for long hours to write ODM every day. Sometimes, I have pains in my lower back. I swim to get rid of the pain. My target is to swim 10 kilometres this year.”  

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