Smart Phone Powered Laptop By Razer


Smart Phone Powered Laptop By Razer

The Razer Project Linda is a concept laptop shown at CES 2018 made by popular gaming hardware company Razer Inc, although it’s not a whole new idea there were other concepts like these with smartphones converted to laptops, not always successful at the long run but this laptop is actually built around a smartphone, it  uses the Razer Phone as its main processing core and track pad.

Laptop’s Hardware

The only major hardware on this Laptop is;

RGB Keyboard with an awesome cool feature that changes the colour of the lights beneath the keyboard,

A Battery for further usage when there’s a power cut or far from a power source,

The Headphone Jack for Aux, Headphones and a whole lot of those,

A USB type C for charging and a full size USB for adding accessories like Mouse, Game Pads or using flash drives.

Smart Phone Powered Laptop By Razer

The Phone

With a single push of a button the Razer Phone pops in and out, of the phones position where it sits flush with the Razer stealth laptop, the Laptop Has a cutout at the front where a mouse Pad is usually located in a Traditional Laptop, which uses the phone’s Fingerprint Reader and Power Button.

Smart Phone Powered Laptop By Razer

A really neat design for a smartphone powered laptop, but it’s still a probability if this will be a real product or not for now it’s still a concept.

For now there is no price range or release date yet, it’s a pretty common trend at the CES to see stuff that sometimes becomes an actual product for sale on market and sometimes just remains a concept.

There Razer phone will be updated in months or a year from now but the issue will be more of compatibility, will the dimensions of the phone remain the same to fit in this laptop but till then we will keep an eye on that.



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