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The Padlock Earrings Whitney Needs to Lock Down

Lauren Klassen padlock earring, $300, available at Farfetch.

Lauren Klassen padlock earring, $300, available at Farfetch.

I do not spend much time fantasizing about fine jewelry. At my very first internship in New York, when I was working in the fashion closet for a luxury publication, I remember being surprised to learn that I pretty consistently preferred the costume jewelry that came through our office. Sure, the fine jewelry may have been worth more than the apartment I was paying to live in that summer, but so much of it was… ugly. So many sparkly jewels! Such flashy uses of this-is-clearly-meant-to-look-expensive material! In short: not really my scene.

But this week, I came across these earrings from Canadian fine jeweler Lauren Klassen, and I legit cannot stop thinking about them. Locks and keys can feel very cheesy or saccharine in the context of jewelry, but these earrings don’t have cutesy heart-shaped keyholes (or keys anywhere in sight, for that matter). Instead, they feel more industrial, like actual locks, and the post goes through the earlobe so that it looks almost like you’re gauging your ears by putting padlocks through them. Painful, but badass. I’ll take that elevated grunge over sparkly little diamonds any day.

Lauren Klassen padlock earring, $300, available at Farfetch

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