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Melania Trump’s Displeasure with Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Alleged Profiting Off Trump Name

In a recent turn of events, it seems that former First Lady Melania Trump is not pleased with Kimberly Guilfoyle allegedly using the Trump name for personal gain. Reports have surfaced indicating that Melania had an issue with Guilfoyle receiving a hefty $60,000 payment for her involvement in the controversial “Stop the Steal” rally, which many believe played a role in inciting the infamous Capitol Riots in January 2021. According to CNN, the payment was made for a brief three-minute introductory speech and was funded by Turning Point Action, a pro-Trump organization.

Despite Melania’s typically reserved demeanor, she is fiercely protective of her family’s name and legacy. Stephanie Grisham, a former aide to Melania, revealed that Melania was particularly irked by individuals profiting off the Trump name. Grisham shared her insights with MSNBC, stating, “Another big thing with her is that she didn’t like people profiting off of her husband, or her family. And so when you consider how much Jason Miller has made off of the Trump family, or, you know, Kimberly Guilfoyle demanded $60,000 just to introduce the president the day of the rally, it was things like that that bothered her.”

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Guilfoyle’s involvement in the rally did not go unnoticed, as she was later subpoenaed for her role in the event. NBC News reported that the chairman of the panel investigating the Capitol Riots highlighted Guilfoyle’s significant role in organizing and raising funds for the rally. The committee also raised concerns about Guilfoyle’s alleged propagation of debunked election theft conspiracies, with Guilfoyle reportedly telling the crowd, “We will not allow the liberals and the Democrats to steal our dream or steal our elections.”

The clash between Melania Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle sheds light on the complexities of relationships within the Trump circle and the potential repercussions of leveraging the Trump name for personal gain. As the investigation into the Capitol Riots continues, Guilfoyle’s actions and their impact on the events of that fateful day are under scrutiny.

why melania trump is rumored to have beef with kimberly guilfoyle

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