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The Unsaid Truth About Barbara Eden’s Ex-Husbands

In 1957, when Barbara Eden was earning recognition for her role on “The Johnny Carson Show” and snagging TV roles, her publicist Booker McClay embarked on a mission to make her end her relationship with her non-industry boyfriend, she detailed in her 2011 memoir, “Jeannie Out of the Bottle.” So McClay set up a blind date between Eden and Michael Ansara, one of the stars of “Broken Arrow.” Eden and Ansara were supposed to have dinner and then head to a star-studded birthday bash. “Things didn’t go according to Booker’s plan,” she wrote. “From the moment Michael and I sat down we didn’t stop talking … we never did make it to the Halloween party.”

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A year later, Eden and Ansara married — and they were crazy about each other. “Michael Ansara truly was the love of my life,” she wrote. In 1965, after years of trying, Eden and Ansara welcomed a son, Matthew, making their relationship stronger than ever. But as Eden’s career’s continued to reach new heights with “I Dream of Jeannie,” her husband’s was faltering. “He suffered for not being a blue-eye, blond-haired all-American boy,” she said of Ansara, who was Lebanese.

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Amid their difficulties, Eden and Ansara’s marriage couldn’t withstand tragedy. In 1971, Eden gave birth to a stillborn baby just weeks before her due date. “My deep depression destroyed our relationship and after 15 years together we divorced,” she said in The Sydney Morning Herald.

The Unsaid Truth About Barbara Eden's Ex-Husbands

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