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Instagram Celebrity Cubana Chief Priest Advises Couples to Consider Investments Before Separation

In a recent Instagram post, popular social media sensation Pascal Okechukwu, famously known as Cubana Chief Priest, shared some insightful advice for couples contemplating separation. With his vast experience and knowledge, the influencer urged couples to consider the time, money, and energy they have invested in their marriage before making the decision to part ways.

Cubana Chief Priest, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and extravagant parties, has witnessed numerous marriages crumble despite the significant investments made by the couples. Taking to his Instagram page, he expressed his thoughts on the matter, highlighting the importance of reflecting on the resources put into a relationship before calling it quits.

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“Before una break up, make una try dey consider the money, time, and energy wey we invest for una marriage,” Cubana Chief Priest wrote, emphasizing the need to evaluate the value of these investments.

The Instagram celebrity’s advice resonated with many of his followers, as he shed light on the often overlooked aspects of a failed marriage. With the rising trend of lavish weddings and expensive ceremonies, it is crucial for couples to take a step back and assess the consequences of their decisions.

In an effort to further emphasize his point, Cubana Chief Priest announced that he would be implementing a unique approach when attending weddings in the future. He stated that he would require couples to sign an agreement that ensures a refund in the event of a failed marriage.

“Going forward, if you dey invite me for wedding, we go get agreement if marriage spoil una go refund me,” he declared, adding a touch of humor to his message.

This statement not only drew attention but also sparked a lively debate among his followers. Some applauded the idea, believing it would encourage couples to think twice before ending their marriage. Others, however, criticized the notion, stating that it trivialized the complexity of relationships and failed to address the emotional toll of separation.

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Cubana Chief Priest’s unique perspective on marriage struck a chord with many individuals who have witnessed the breakdown of relationships firsthand. His advice serves as a reminder that the commitment made in a marriage goes beyond the wedding day, and that careful consideration should be given to the investments made by both parties.

Cubana Chief Priest’s advice to couples to consider their investments before separating has sparked a meaningful conversation about the true value of marriage. With his unique perspective and influential platform, he has encouraged individuals to reflect on the time, money, and energy they have dedicated to their relationships. While opinions may differ on the practicality of a refund agreement, his message serves as a reminder that the decision to end a marriage should not be taken lightly.

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