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The Importance of Wearing the Correct Type of Mouth Guard When Playing Any Form of Rugby

The sport of rugby has been popular in Australia for years while if you are a newcomer to this particular type of physical activity, then you should be aware that the sport is divided into two forms; rugby union and rugby league. However, regardless of which type of rugby you want to play in the future the importance of wearing the correct type of mouth guard should not be underestimated. Moreover, across the constantly changing and innovative world of protective equipment sports, it has become increasingly important to acknowledge the significance of safety especially when playing any type of physically demanding activities such as rugby. Likewise, as a newcomer to the sport, or even a professional rugby player, you will probably be aware of the inherent risks that are often associated with this high-contact sport.

  • Protect your teeth and jaw
  • Prevent concussions and cranial injuries
  • Enhanced athletic performance

Protect your teeth and jaw

To begin with, as a rugby player it should be stated that the main advantage of using a properly fitted sports mouth guard lies in its unparalleled ability to protect several areas of your body, especially your head, teeth and jaw from severe injuries. Rugby in all its forms, with its contact-based nature, vigorous tackles and physical confrontations, could potentially cause a substantial risk to your oral health. However, a well-designed mouth guard is able to mitigate this level of risk because it can act as a shock absorber, dispersing the significant forces that can occur on impact, which could potentially result in damage to your teeth or cause a dislocated jaw. As a result, by understanding these dangers, you will be able to consider the long-term implications of certain types of dental injuries, which could potentially result in increased medical costs and a prolonged period of recovery.

Prevent concussions and brain injuries

Furthermore, the second benefit of using the correct type of mouth guard whenever you want to play rugby extends far beyond just dental protection, but instead it plays a crucial role in preventing concussions and other brain injuries. Whenever you will be playing a contact sport as intense as rugby union or league, the likelihood of experiencing head collisions can be higher than in other sports, such as AFL. However, a custom-fitted mouth guard is able to stabilise the head and neck in the event of a collision, reducing the potential for concussions by cushioning the blow and diminishing the force that is transferred to the brain.

Enhanced athletic performance

Lastly, the final benefit of wearing the correct type of mouth guard when you want to play any type of rugby is its contribution to enhancing your overall performance on the field. Indeed, whenever you are equipped with a mouth guard that provides a considerable amount of protection, optimal fit and comfort, you will be able to breathe more easily as well as communicate your game plan more effectively to your teammates.

Therefore to conclude, the critical importance of wearing the right type of mouth guard whenever you will be playing any type of rugby should not be underestimated.

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