American rapper, Rico Recklezz shoots new music video from Inside a coffin

American rapper, Rico Recklezz surely lives up to his last name.

Keeping up with the reckless persona, Rico decided to shoot a music video inside a coffin. Dressed to impress in a dark suit with a red tie, Rico lays patiently in the white-lined casket while taking a quick selfie video. “Reckless,” he exclaims while recording himself.


Rico posted additional images from the shoot on his Instagram. In the pictures, the Chicago rapper sips from a styrofoam cup and holds a blunt wrap in the air.

American rapper,?Rico Recklezz shoots new music video from Inside a coffin

Before now, he has posted several videos of himself on YouTube acting in a bold and rash manner. In one video, Rico pulls a gun out of his jacket while walking around his public school hallways. In another video, Rico pummels a man without restraint because he didn’t like the answer to a question he posed. Rico was even arrested for using real guns while filming a music video, instead of prop weapons.


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