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A beginner’s guide to betting on football

Football is the most common sport for betting, taking 40% of the total bets. The massive volume of football competitions made this sector row, allowing for many new opportunities. Enthusiast betting fans can now wagger across multiple markets, which brings diversity and fun to the process. The development of online technologies made it easy for users to submit their bets online and enjoy special promotions and offers. In this post, we share helpful information about the betting markets. Once you go through it, you will be familiar with the rules. 

How does football betting work

The odds are usually displayed as fractions, such as 2/1. This represents the relationship between the stake and wins on an outcome. However, they can be expressed as decimals as well. It is up to the player to choose which way he finds more convenient. 

What does this mean? If you play with 2/1 odds for an event’s inevitable outcome, you get £2 for each bet of £1. 

Each week, there are plenty of football matches. The bookmakers will present you with the odds on the outcome, such as how many goals are scored, individual goal scorers, and red and yellow cards. You can choose which outcome to place your bet. Keep in mind that the bookmakers will present you with special promotions and ambitious bets. When the match finishes, the result of the event is defined. If you have winning bets after the confirmation, you win your initial bet plus your winning.

betting on football
betting on football

Different types of football bets

Match bet

This is a basic form of betting, where you can choose from three outcomes. You can decide whether you want to bet on the home team winning, away team winning, or a draw. This is a pretty straightforward type, where the outcome is known and paid after 90 minutes of the game.

Double chance

A double chance allows you to pick only two from the three available outcomes. If either one happens, you can score a win. This bet is a good pick if you want to decrease the uncertainty. 

Bet builder

This is a relatively new feature in betting, which gained immense popularity. This type of betting allows you to wager on different outcomes from the exact match. You can combine different results if you are familiar with both teams. 

Player stats

The betting market has evolved, and you can now bet on the player’s performance. You can bet whether the goal scorer gets booked, sent off, to be the first or last, or even the shots on target. This option highlights the player, but keep in mind to be careful when betting on players’ props. This sport can be pretty unpredictable, so take it with caution.

Asian handicap bet

This type of bet doesn’t include a draw as an outcome. The team has to overcome a “handicap” in the form of a plus or minus figure. Next to the name of the team, you will find the handicap numbers. For example, if you see 2+, you win the bet if the team scores within the two-goal margin.

European handicap bet

This type of bet differs from the Asian handicap in two ways: it can only be expressed in whole numbers, and a draw is an option.


Half-time is a type of bet that requires a more profound knowledge of the football team. If you know the team’s performance well, you will be aware of whether they finish strongly or weakly. Also, keeping updated with the player’s injuries or rest is of crucial importance. 

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