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Video: Amanojaku – The Japanese Demons: Are They Real?

Amanojaku – The Japanese Demons: Are They Real?
Amanojakus are nasty, demon-like Yokai that can be described as evil Kamis. They are like small Onis who cause mischief and perform evil deeds. The word “AmanoJaku” {天邪鬼} is pretty old. It means heavenly evil spirit in Japanese mythology and folktales. When these spirits walk on earth, wherever they go, they spread spiritual pollution, corruption, and wickedness. Nobody knows exactly when folktales about Amanojakus originated or when they became widely popular in Japan. However, they do hold a place in two important religions. In Shinto, they are considered to be wicked deities, whereas in Buddhism, they are considered to be the enemy of Buddha’s teaching and philosophies.
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Video: Amanojaku - The Japanese Demons: Are They Real?

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