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Video: The Ancient ALIENS || The Cursed Rokurokubi of Japan

The Ancient ALIENS || The Cursed Rokurokubi of Japan

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Edited By : Noor Khan & Salahu Khan
Rokurokubi is also known as the long-necked ghost. Their neck can be greater in length than a giraffe’s neck. Their neck can be of normal thickness, or it can be as thin as a baby carrot. Other than that, they look like human beings without any others significant differences. These beautiful half-human and half-demon creatures have vampiric tendencies, and they like to murder males more often than females. But surprisingly, they are pretty shy demons, and prefer to hide their existence from the world. Their shyness is the reason why they prefer to show themselves in front of drunk men at night. Because they are intoxicated, their testimonies are often considered worthless to other people.


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video the ancient aliens the cursed rokurokubi of japan

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