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The true net worth of these celebs revealed

The true net worth of these celebs revealed

Despite being part of a family of successful actors, Stephen Baldwin has had his share of financial ups and downs. When the star filed for bankruptcy in July 2009, court documents revealed he was over $2 million in debt — thanks to a combination of unpaid taxes, credit cards, and mortgage payments. But unfortunately, his money issues didn’t stop there. According to People, he was arrested just three years later for allegedly failing to pay $300,000 worth of back income taxes. 

Even though Baldwin’s lawyer originally claimed he “did not commit any crimes,” the actor later stated to the Los Angeles Times: “Unfortunately, I got some really bad suggestions and advice … from lawyers and accountants.” Lucky for him, he caught a break and was able to avoid a jail sentence by agreeing to earn the money to pay back the debt within a year. While you’d think the other Baldwins would have kicked in a little extra cash to help their bro, the former Celebrity Apprentice contestant told the publication that he didn’t receive financial support from his family, adding, “The responsibility lies ultimately with me.”

Thankfully, things have since looked up for Baldwin. In addition to paying off his outstanding debts in July 2018, his reported net worth is about $500,000, and he’s even welcomed a brand new family member: His model daughter Hailey’s pop star husband, Justin Bieber.

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