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Teen Patti in Online Casinos – How Does It Work?

Teen Patti is a card game that some people may not be familiar with. It originated from Asia, specifically India. It is a mixture of two games, a bit of poker and an English game known as there-card brag.

The game has become more played because of the various online casinos that offer it. It is culturally attached to the Indian culture and is often plated as a social game during their holidays.

Given it is a card game, it involves three or more players in an online casino, one of them being the dealer. Other than just playing, like other card games, you get to bet and play to win.

After betting, the game starts in a counter-clockwise direction from the dealer. The amount in the pot progressively grows as the game goes on. Continue reading to learn how to play online Teen Patti at a Teen Patti casino.

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  1. Stud

Since the game takes some inspiration from poker, it is no surprise there are versions similar to poker versions. Here you receive a set of cards, some face down while others face up.

The cards you receive facing down are known as hole cards. These are the cards that are most likely to hold value since your opponents cannot see them. The ones dealt facing up are known as street cards.


There are two major versions of stud, three-card stud, and five-card stud. As suggested in the names, the number of cards you hold at the start are three and five respectively. In three-stud poker, you are given two cards facing down and one facing up.

In a five-card stud, you are dealt two cards facing down and three facing up. Sometimes, in the latter, you can be forced to pick three cards, two facing down and one facing up.

  1. High-low split

In the original traditional version of the game, if you have the best hand you win. Other variations like the lowball variation give the win to the person with the lowest hand. In this variant, the two are combined, hence the name high-low split.

The pot is divided between you with the high hand and the player with the low hand. If you have the high hand, then you’re the one with the best traditional hand. The low hand remains the same as it is in the modern version of the game.

In this version, you can opt not to bet by folding. Also, unlike in the traditional version, there can be multiple players left at the end of a game. In the traditional game, only two players are left at the end of the game.

This way, the one with the best hand can win. You get to choose whether you want to compete for the high hand or the low.

  1. Community

Here, you are given incomplete cards that face down. Cards facing up are then put at the center of the table and you pick them to complete your hand. The version takes a lot from Texas hold ’em version of poker.

Other notable versions of the game include draw, cobra, blind king and jack, and kiss, miss, and bliss.

Teen Patti rules

Entry fee

Like some of the other card games like poker, there is an entry fee in Patti. It is known as an ante, or a boot amount that is put in the pot on the table. It can be one large some put by one player or an equal sum contributed by all players.

If it is a large sum by one player, you take turns in putting the money in the pot per round. An ante, the one in which players contribute equally, gives players incentive.

If you fold in a round, then you slowly lose your money. This prevents you from just tossing whenever the open bet reaches you, hence eliminating boredom.

Call and raise

Regular betting starts when you put your preferred amount in the pot. The betting is sequential as each of you gets a turn on the table. There are always two options when it is your turn, you can either call or raise.

If you choose to call, then you maintain the amount the previous player placed as a bet and do the same. If you choose to raise, you get to go higher than the previous player.

When raising, there are two important rules. First, the raise and the bet, in general, have to happen in even numbers. Other than that, you cannot raise more than a certain limit.

The limit is, after the call and raise, the amount in the pot shouldn’t be more than double the previous bet.  This keeps the game in check, as it allows you to make reasonable bets, and others not to fold.

Ranking of hands

Every card game has a way of ranking the hands to get a winner. The same is the case in teen Patti. If there are two players with the same hands, two things can happen. The pot can be split between the two no matter the player that asked for a showdown.

The other option is only viable if suits hold rank. If so, the player with the higher suit wins the whole pot.

There are various rankings in teen Patti. The trio is also known as three of a kind. It applies if you have three similar cards. The highest is aces while the lowest are twos.

A straight flush is also referred to as a pure sequence. It consists of five consecutive cards from the same suit. Straight is also known as a round or a sequence.

Flush or color is where all three cards have to be of the same suit. They also have to match in color. If two players match flushes, the player with the high card wins.


Teen Patti is popular Indian card game. Although it’s mostly played by friends and families for the fun of it, you can now play the game for real money online. Before you do so, however, follow the tips shared above.

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