Clay Aiken real net worth

Clay Aiken real net worth

Clay Aiken is real net worth, Thanks to the fact that Clay Aiken enjoyed success during his time in the music industry — including earning a Billboard award for releasing the Best-Selling Single of 2003 and pleasing holly jolly crowds with his popular holiday tours — the star has $7 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. While that’s the kind of money that many people would love to win in the lottery or inherit from a long-lost, rich relative, it’s a relatively small fortune when you take a look at what other American Idol stars have made since their days on the show.

Season 6 winner Jordin Sparks has $10 million, which is less than half of Adam Lambert’s $25 million. Season 3 standout Jennifer Hudson also has $25 million, which is topped by Kelly Clarkson’s $45 million. And while those are undeniably enviable amounts money, here’s a fact that’ll make your jaw drop: Even if you combine all of the funds Aiken, Sparks, Lambert, Hudson, and Clarkson have into one massive fortune, that total amount still wouldn’t match Carrie Underwood’s $140 million.

While that may make the others feel a bit bad about the balance in their bank accounts, they can at least still claim they have more than Fantasia Barrino, who only has $3 million these days. Granted, $3 million isn’t an amount to be ashamed of. Frankly, each and every one of the Idol alums should be proud of what they’ve earned!

Clay Aiken real net worth


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