Banky W Singer’s clap back to nosy fan will make your night!

Commenting on a post the singer shared via his Instagram page, the nosy fan felt the need to ask Banky where his wedding band was.

Talk about the best clap back of the century! Banky W just did a slam dunk on a nosy fan and it will certainly make your night.

Commenting on a post the singer shared via his Instagram page, the nosy fan felt the need to ask Banky about his wedding band which seemed to have been missing in the picture.

Banky was quick to reply with, “Where is your husband?”

Of course, fans couldn’t get enough of his reply.

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Celebrities and clap backs

With the digital age has come even more exposure of the private lives of celebrities and the constant obsession of their lives behind the scenes. Thanks to the new age of social media and instant messaging, critics and observers are now everywhere.

An illustration of an Internet troll play An illustration of an Internet troll


For many famous people, their online communication channel is made up not only of fans but also of Internet trolls also known as ‘haters’ to several celebs. Comments from these cyber bullies are usually not critiques of the work of the celeb but rather off-topic commentary deliberately intended to hurt them and disrupt the conversation on their timeline.

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In an article titled “Do people have a right to bash celebrities?”, Pulse Nigeria Celebrity reporter, Ayomide Tayo points out that in bringing celebrities closer to their fans, social media has made them targets of abuse.

Caroline Danjuma. play Caroline Danjuma.

(Global Take)

Movie producer and actress Caroline Danjuma was a victim of social media trolls. The ‘Stalker’ producer deleted her Instagram account on Wednesday, April 7, 2017.

Following a story of her husband’s alleged infidelity by blogger Stella Dimokokorkus, the couple’s marriage was criticised by trolls who published hateful comments on her Instagram posts. The actress revealed that some people went as far as tagging her in pictures and sending her pictures of her husband via direct messages.

Danjuma’s case is one of many. “Wives On Strike” actress Uche Jombo was also a victim a fat-shaming trolls.


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