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YBNL Nation’s Former Signee, Lyta, Pleads for Return to Label


In a recent interview on the Ginger Yourself Podcast, Nigerian singer Opeyemi Rahim, known by his stage name Lyta, expressed his desire to return to his former record label, YBNL Nation. The 22-year-old artist revealed that his departure from the label was not intentional and that he hopes to reconcile with label boss, Olamide.

Lyta opened up about the circumstances surrounding his exit from YBNL Nation, stating, “I want to be back with YBNL, what I did back then [leaving YBNL Nation] wasn’t intentional. I didn’t hear from Olamide before leaving and after I left, he just locked up. But I’ve spoken to him since leaving. I chatted with him via Instagram on his birthday and he responded.”

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When asked if Olamide is currently following him on Instagram, Lyta revealed, “No. He is not following anybody on Instagram.”

The ‘Monalisa’ crooner’s plea for a return to YBNL Nation comes after his departure from the label in 2019, following a fallout with Olamide. In a 2022 interview, Lyta disclosed that he left YBNL Nation due to hearing negative things from friends and industry insiders. He admitted that he “didn’t know who or what to believe and some people eventually got into my head.”

Lyta’s desire to return to YBNL Nation has sparked a buzz among fans and industry insiders, with many speculating on the possibility of a reunion between the artist and his former label. As the news of his plea for a return continues to make waves, fans are eager to see if Olamide will extend an olive branch to the talented singer.

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The Nigerian music industry is no stranger to high-profile reconciliations, and a potential return of Lyta to YBNL Nation would undoubtedly be a significant moment in the industry. With both parties expressing a willingness to mend fences, the stage is set for a potential reunion that could shake up the music scene.

As the story unfolds, fans and industry observers are keeping a close eye on developments, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the saga of Lyta and YBNL Nation.



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