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Reality Star Vee Decides to Stop Hugging Due to Expensive Deodorant

Why I'll stop hugging colleagues, others - BBNaija Vee

In a surprising turn of events, Big Brother Naija star and actress, Victoria Iye, popularly known as Vee, has made a bold decision to stop hugging people altogether. The reason behind this unexpected move? The rising cost of deodorant.

Vee took to her social media platform to share her decision with her followers, expressing her concerns about the affordability of deodorant in today’s market. She pointed out that many people were not using deodorant when it was more affordable, and now that the prices have skyrocketed, she is hesitant to engage in physical contact.


In a tweet on her handle, Vee declared, “I’m not hugging anyone until the price of deodorant goes down. Some of you weren’t using it when it was 1k, God help us now that it’s 5k.” This statement reflects her frustration with the current situation and her determination to prioritize personal hygiene and comfort.

But Vee’s grievances don’t stop there. She also expressed her frustration with the increasing prices of wigs and the high cost of maintenance. “I’m getting tired of wigs. The prices, the maintenance, the heat. It’s all too much for me right now,” she shared.

This candid revelation from Vee has sparked a conversation among her fans and followers, with many expressing their support for her decision and sharing their own struggles with the rising costs of personal care products. Some have even suggested alternative solutions or products that may be more budget-friendly.

As a popular figure in the entertainment industry, Vee’s decision to stop hugging due to expensive deodorant has shed light on an important issue that many people can relate to. The impact of inflation and economic challenges on everyday essentials like deodorant and hair care products is a reality that cannot be ignored.

While Vee’s announcement may come as a surprise to some, it serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care and financial responsibility. In a time where every penny counts, making informed decisions about where to allocate resources is crucial.

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As Vee takes a stand for her own well-being and comfort, her fans and followers are eagerly awaiting any updates on her decision and hoping for a positive change in the affordability of deodorant and other essential products.

In the meantime, Vee’s bold move to stop hugging serves as a powerful message about the impact of economic challenges on personal choices and the importance of setting boundaries for one’s own health and happiness.



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