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Speed Darlington Shuts Down Comparisons to Wizkid

'People say I'm better than Wizkid' - Speed Darlington

In a recent Instagram live session, controversial Nigerian rapper Speed Darlington made it clear that he is tired of fans comparing him to singer Wizkid. The ‘Akpi’ crooner expressed his frustration over the constant comparisons and asserted that he is not interested in being pitted against the Starboy boss.

Despite being in the music industry for nearly 8 years, Speed Darlington revealed that he has never met Wizkid in person. However, he did mention that the singer once acknowledged him in New York by posting one of his songs.

“Why are people telling me that I am better than Wizkid? How do I and Wizkid correlate? Do you know how many years I’ve been in this industry? Seven years. Next year, May 17 or 16, I will be 8 years in the industry and I’ve never met Wizkid. Although he has previously acknowledged me in New York. He posted one of my songs. Please, stop the comparison,” Speed Darlington exclaimed during the live session.

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The rapper’s statement comes amidst ongoing debates among fans about who is the better artist between him and Wizkid. While some believe that Speed Darlington’s unique style and lyrics set him apart from the mainstream music scene, others argue that Wizkid’s global success and influence make him the superior artist.

Despite the controversy surrounding the comparison, both Speed Darlington and Wizkid have carved out successful careers in the music industry. Wizkid, known for hits like “Ojuelegba” and “Fever,” has won numerous awards and accolades for his music, while Speed Darlington has gained a loyal following for his eccentric persona and catchy songs.

As the debate continues to rage on social media, it is clear that both artists have their own strengths and weaknesses. While Wizkid’s smooth vocals and infectious melodies have endeared him to fans worldwide, Speed Darlington’s bold lyrics and unapologetic attitude have earned him a dedicated fan base.

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Ultimately, the comparison between Speed Darlington and Wizkid may never be settled, as both artists bring something unique to the table. Whether you prefer Wizkid’s chart-topping hits or Speed Darlington’s unconventional style, one thing is for sure – Nigerian music fans have plenty of talent to choose from.



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