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Speed Darlington Roasts Portable Over Car Debt Arrest

My Benz is 18 years, I live within my means - Speed Darlington mocks Portable

Renowned singer Speed Darlington has taken a swipe at his fellow artist, Portable, after the latter was apprehended for failing to settle his car debt.

Portable, known for his hit track “Zazu,” was reportedly detained by the Lagos State Police Command on Tuesday due to his failure to pay off the debt he owed for a G-Wagon he purchased from a car dealer in the state.

In response to the news, Speed Darlington didn’t hold back in mocking the self-proclaimed superstar, Portable, for his financial woes.

The popular artist, famous for his song “Akpi,” made it clear that he lives within his means and subtly boasted about his 18-year-old Benz.

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In a candid video posted on his Instagram account, Speed Darlington couldn’t resist poking fun at Portable’s predicament, saying, “Did you all see Portable jumping fences? Portable has been caught! The Yoruba superstar doesn’t have enough money for a Benz [laughs].”

He went on to highlight the stark contrast between himself and Portable, emphasizing his preference for a cash-only lifestyle. “Nobody is chasing after me. I operate on a cash basis. I don’t rely on others for support. Portable was showing off his GLE, but he couldn’t foot the bill for it.”

Speed Darlington then dropped a bombshell about his own car, stating proudly, “Do you know how old my Benz is? It’s 18 years old. Yet, I have peace of mind. I don’t have to resort to jumping fences.”

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The singer’s bold and unapologetic stance against living beyond his means has garnered attention and sparked discussions among fans and critics alike.

In conclusion, Speed Darlington’s mockery of Portable serves as a reminder of the importance of financial responsibility and staying true to oneself in the face of societal pressures.



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