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Who Is Bella Thorne’s Mother?

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While Tamara Thorne may be close with famous daughter Bella Thorne now, the two have had a complicated relationship. The “Babysitter” star revealed on “Strahan and Sara” that her mother wasn’t always totally there for her. She explained, “I wanted acceptance. I wanted appreciation and love for who I was… to everything about myself that I didn’t ever feel like I got.” Tamara was also mentioned in a series of poems. In one, Bella  writes to her mom, “I learned to love from you and daddy, but since he was gone mostly from you … it’s tough for me to love properly.” In another poem, the singer apologized to Tamara, writing, “I’m glad we are here, and I’m grateful we have time to mend. I love you, mommy.”

Tamara has acknowledged her past issues with Bella while clarifying what’s most important to her. She explained to People, “My family always comes first, and they are my number one priority. Bella and I did have a falling out a few years ago, but we are on the mend.” Bella echoed that, saying on “Strahan and Sara,” “I think this is really the closest we’ve ever been in life to understanding one another.”

These days, Tamara seems her happiest, especially after what appeared to be a family trip to Miami. Bella’s mom posted several photos of the family together, and in one, she wrote, “Thank you for making me your mom! I’m so blessed.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Who Is Bella Thorne's Mother?

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