What will happen to BTS if Jin joins the military?


Luckily, there is a silver lining for BTS fans. In October 2018, these K-pop phenoms extended their contact with Big Hit Entertainment until 2026. “With Big Hit Entertainment’s support,” BTS said in a statement (via Forbes), “we’ll continue to strive to give our best for fans all around the world.”

Basically, the company fully knows what they have and plan to keep the BTS brand alive as long as possible. “It is our philosophy that we should cater the best to artists who’s achieving an unprecedented global success,” Big Hit Entertainment stated (via Billboard). “After the thorough discussion with seven members of BTS, we decided to renew the contract before the world tour to ensure more stable, long-term activities.”

So, what will happen to BTS when Jin joined the military? Well, it sounds like they’ll just have six active members instead of seven, and that this will be a rinse-and-repeat process until every member completes their mandatory service. Will 2026 be the make or break year for the BTS? We suppose we’ll all just have to stay tuned to find out.


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