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The Unsaid about Amanda Bynes Parents

Former child star Amanda Bynes made headlines back in 2013 when she was involuntarily committed to a psychiatric hospital after setting a fire in her parent’s driveway. The incident prompted her mother, Lynn Bynes, to file for conservatorship over her daughter, which was granted by the court.

That year, Amanda’s behavior had become increasingly erratic, with many of her actions playing out in front of the public eye. In particular, her infamous tweets raised eyebrows and concerns as she accused her father of sexual assault, only to revoke the allegations later and claim that a microchip in her brain had made her say those things.

Her tweets about wanting sexual relations with rapper Drake and her new Blac Chyna look, complete with dimple piercings and platinum blonde wig, only added to the bizarre behavior.

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The decision to place Amanda under conservatorship was not made lightly, but her repeated arrests and public behavior led her parents to believe that she was not of sound mind to make important decisions for herself.

At the time, Amanda was 27 years old and her attorney, David Esquibias, said her parents felt that it was the right thing to do for their daughter’s well-being.

Now in 2021, Amanda has been off the public radar and has largely stayed out of the spotlight since her conservatorship. However, the issue of conservatorship and the rights of individuals who may not be of sound mind to make decisions for themselves has come up in recent years, particularly with the high-profile case of Britney Spears.

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It remains to be seen if Amanda will make a return to the public eye, but her case continues to highlight the need for proper care and protection for individuals who may not be able to make decisions for themselves.

what led to amanda bynes parents putting her in a conservatorship

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