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Punches thrown during anti-immigration protest in Edmonton

A fist fight broke out during an anti-immigration protest in downtown Edmonton Saturday afternoon, before police moved in to separate protesters and counter-demonstrators.

There were only a few police officers present at Churchill Square when the altercation started, but more arrived after the first punch landed. About 20 officers formed a line to separate the pro and anti-immigration groups, comprising about 150 people in total.

Watch: An anti-immigration protest in Edmonton turns violent

A fight broke out at an anti-immigration protest in downtown Edmonton Saturday. 1:10

The protest marks the second weekend in a row where protesters spoke out against Canada’s plan to endorse the United Nations’ migration pact. Many have also spoken out in opposition to the controversial carbon tax.

Last weekend’s protest was peaceful, unlike Saturday’s, where a few people ended up in handcuffs.

Members of both the pro and anti-immigration groups wore yellow work vests Saturday, like demonstrators in France participating in ongoing protests against that country’s high cost of living.

“Trudeau isn’t supporting Canadians anymore,” said demonstrator Taylor Mansfield. “He’s supporting immigration too much.”

Counter protestor Adebayo Katiiti vehemently disagrees with the anti-immigration argument.

“They don’t know our stories. They’re like ‘Oh, go back where you’re coming from.’ That’s white privilege,” said Katiiti, who is originally from Uganda.

“Racism is dangerous, and it’s what they’re representing.”

Similar rallies were held Saturday in Calgary, Red Deer and Fort McMurray.

edmonton anti immigration protest

A line of police officers separates pro and anti-immigration protesters. (CBC)

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