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Nollywood Star Hit with N10m Fine for Defaming Apostle Suleman

In a shocking turn of events, Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar has been ordered to pay a hefty fine of N10 million for making defamatory statements about Apostle Johnson Suleman, the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International.

The ruling was handed down by a Federal Capital Territory High Court, which found Abubakar guilty of publishing derogatory comments about Apostle Suleman on her Instagram page. These comments were then picked up by various blogs and newspapers, spreading the false and malicious information to the public.

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Justice Enobie Obanor, who presided over the case, highlighted that Abubakar had the opportunity to defend herself in court but failed to do so. As a result, the court ruled in favor of Apostle Suleman and ordered Abubakar to pay N10 million as damages for the libelous statements she made.

The judgement stated, “The statements published by the defendant against the claimant on her Instagram handle, @halimabubakar, falsely and maliciously written and published to the general public, are defamatory of the person of the claimant. The sum of N10,000,000 only to the claimant as aggravated and exemplary damages for libel contained in the publication of the defendant against the claimant on her Instagram handle, @Halimabubakar and caused to be published in several blogs.”

In addition to the financial penalty, the court also issued a restraining order against Abubakar, prohibiting her from making any further defamatory publications about Apostle Suleman.

This legal battle between the actress and the cleric has captured the attention of many, shedding light on the consequences of spreading false information and the importance of upholding one’s reputation.

The Nollywood star has yet to comment on the court’s ruling, but it serves as a cautionary tale for those who engage in online defamation without considering the legal repercussions.

As the entertainment industry continues to grapple with issues of defamation and libel, this case serves as a reminder that words have power and can have serious consequences when used irresponsibly.

In a world where social media plays a significant role in shaping public opinion, it is crucial for individuals to exercise caution and integrity when sharing information online.

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The judgement against Halima Abubakar serves as a warning to all public figures and social media users to be mindful of the impact their words can have and to always prioritize truth and accuracy in their communications.

As this legal saga comes to a close, it is clear that the repercussions of defamation can be severe, both financially and reputationally. It is a lesson that Halima Abubakar has learned the hard way, and one that others would do well to heed.

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