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Davido reveals the only American artist he would consider collaborating with.

Nigerian music sensation, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, has made headlines once again with his recent revelation about his future collaborations with American artists. The singer, who has been making waves in the music industry, recently shared his thoughts on potential collaborations with American artists in an exclusive podcast interview with Sway’s Universe.

During the interview, Davido made it clear that, apart from Chris Brown, he has no plans to pursue any other American collaborations. “Aside from Chris Brown, I’m not going to disturb myself for any other American collaboration,” he stated. This bold statement has sparked a lot of interest and speculation among his fans and the music community at large.

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The talented artist also expressed his excitement about a potential collaboration with none other than Rihanna. According to Davido, the Barbadian singer recently declared his song ‘Unavailable’ as her favorite, which has fueled his hopes of working with her in the future. “Rihanna said ‘Unavailable’ is her best song, so I’m waiting to work with her,” he revealed. This revelation has left fans eagerly anticipating a possible collaboration between the two music icons.

Davido also took the opportunity to boast about his successful collaboration with Chris Brown on the hit song ‘Blow My Mind.’ According to the singer, the track is the best Afrobeats and American artists’ collaboration since Drake and Wizkid’s ‘One Dance.’ “Blow My Mind’ with Chris Brown was the first US x Afrobeats collaboration to go crazy aside ‘One Dance’,” he proudly proclaimed. This bold statement has sparked a lot of discussion and debate within the music industry.

The news of Davido’s future collaborations with American artists has been met with a mix of excitement and skepticism. While some fans are thrilled at the prospect of hearing the singer collaborate with big names in the American music scene, others are questioning his decision to limit his collaborations to just one artist. Nevertheless, Davido’s unwavering confidence and determination to make a mark in the global music industry have only served to further solidify his status as a rising star.

In a world where music collaborations are becoming increasingly common, Davido’s decision to be selective about his American collaborations is a bold and daring move. It reflects his commitment to maintaining the authenticity and integrity of his music, while also seeking to expand his reach and influence on the global stage. As a young artist with a promising future ahead of him, Davido’s decision to prioritize quality over quantity in his collaborations is a testament to his artistic vision and ambition.

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With his recent revelation about his future collaborations with American artists, Davido has once again proven that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. His determination to work with the best in the business, combined with his unwavering confidence and talent, has set him apart as a rising star on the international music scene. As fans eagerly await his next move, one thing is for certain – Davido’s future collaborations are bound to make a lasting impact on the global music landscape.

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