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Nick Cannon Wishes He Had More Children

Nick Cannon is a dad-o-rama! He just loves his little ones! The man has welcomed 12 kiddos into the world! Can you believe it? First, he had the cutest twins named Moroccan and Monroe with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. But then, he really got going! Three more with Brittany Bell, including Golden Sagon, Powerful Queen, and Rise Messiah. And just when you thought he couldn’t handle anymore, he had twins again! These sweeties, named Zion Mixolydian and Zillion heir, were born to Abby De La Rosa. One week later, Cannon became a dad for the 10th time to son Zen with Alyssa Scott. So sad that their time together was cut short by Zen’s rare form of brain cancer – rest in peace, little one.

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But Nick didn’t stop there! In 2022, he had two more kids. First, he hooked up with Brie Tiesi and had Legendary Love. Then, he had Onyx Ice Cole with LaNisha Cole – love that name, Onyx! Finally, he and Abby De La Rosa had their third little one together – say hello to Beautiful Zeppelin. Just when you thought it was over, Alyssa Scott popped out Halo Mari Cannon in November of 2022.

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Phew! You’d think he was done, but nope – Cannon isn’t ruling out the possibility of having more kiddos. In fact, he even admitted to regretting not procreating with someone in particular. That Nick, always keeping things interesting!

Nick Cannon and Christina Milian discussed having kids together

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Nick Cannon spilled some tea during his appearance on “Stepping Into The Shade Room.” When asked about having kids with an ex-girlfriend, he couldn’t help but reminisce about his days with Christina Milian. “I mean, have you seen her? Of course, we could have made some beautiful babies together,” he laughed. But don’t get it twisted, Cannon was genuinely happy for Milian when she announced her pregnancy. “I was like dang man, she’s really moving on up in the world,” he joked.

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The duo first met on the set of the classic rom-com “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and were smitten with each other. “We were kids in love, you know? We thought we had our lives planned out,” Cannon reflected. But life happens, and Milian caught him cheating (yikes!) by hacking into his phone. “That was just wild, man. Like, I can’t even imagine,” Cannon admitted. However, he publicly apologized and the two have made amends.

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These days, Milian is happily married to Matt Pokora, while Cannon is keeping busy with his ever-expanding family and multiple romantic partners. “The universe gives it out how it’s supposed to be given,” he shrugged. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll see those beautiful babies after all (wink, wink).

nick cannon wishes he had a child with one of his former co stars

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