If this isn’t a match made in drunk heaven we don’t know what is!

On Tuesday, Lyft announced it was making a match-up to rival all partnerships, one between the ride-sharing company and Taco Bell that would allow riders to add a “pit stop” to their journey. The new feature would allow munchie-craving passengers to hit up Taco Bell drive-thru between the hours of 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. (the hours when all your best decisions are usually made).

Lyft’s move to let patrons make a run for the border will be called “Taco Mode” and will begin testing in the next two weeks in Newport Beach, Calif.

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It’s too bad The O.C.’s not on anymore because we can totally see Seth Cohen and Ryan “Fists of Fury” Atwood making use of this millennial-friendly feature en route home to Sandy and Kiki Cohen’s humble McMansion.

Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer Marisa Thalberg told the New York Times that this marketing campaign is a new type of “experience innovation.”

“I kind of think of this like inverse delivery—like we’re delivering you to Taco Bell,” she told the publication. “You’re being delivered to the food as opposed to having to get in your own car and drive.”

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Lyft has partnered with other companies like Delta and Starbucks, but this is a first time “actually fulfilling a ride experience for a brand,” said Melissa Waters, Lyft’s head of Marketing.

Taco Bell’s been stepping up their out-of-the-box game in recent months. The fast food chain recently opened up a flagship store in Las Vegas that features a wedding chapel inside of it, where hungry and in-love guests can get grab a hand full of Cinnamon Twists and make a run down the aisle for life for a mere $600. 


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