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Lips and Lashes, and Two New Things From MAC Coming in June

mac lee hi lipstickWearing the new MAC Lee Hi Lipstick, MAC Bold & Bad Lash Mascara, and not much else

It was a hot one here in Novato today!

I mean, it wasn’t triple-digit hot, but it was hot and sticky enough, and there was some perspiration involved, to make me want to wear “minimal” (airquotes) makeup and put the focus on a couple new things from MAC.

One of them was a red lipstick from the Future Forward collection, and the other was a new MAC mascara called Bold & Bad Lash.

Isn’t this a pretty red? It’s matte deep garnet Lee Hi, and it’s from the MAC Future Forward collection. It’s a $17 LE online exclusive, and you can only find it on the MAC website starting June 29th.

mac lee hi lipstickThe lipstick comes with a special LE box

Future Forward is that MAC collab with three up-and-coming singers. It started in April, and they release a new product every month. April’s was a purple face powder by Justine Skye, May’s is a sparkly Cremesheen by Dua Lipa (that one’s coming out this week, actually), and lovely matte red Lee Hi is a collab with K-pop star Lee Hi.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iSlfF8TQ9k?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0&w=1000&h=563]
“Breathe,” by Lee Hi

mac lee hi lipstickSchmexy! Lips and Lashes, and Two New Things From MAC Coming in JuneLee Hi Lipstick ingredients

Back in the day when I started wearing MAC lipsticks, the mattes were SO drying, but they’re much less drying now, and that includes this one.

This shade looks almost exactly like a NARS matte red I love called Infatuated Red, which I like to wear in the fall with warm red or warm orange-brown eyeshadow, but it works great in summer, too! Try it with bronzer (have you seen the new BECCA Sunlit Bronzers? ERHMAHGOODNESS!) and waterproof mascara. You don’t need much else.

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Also, a new MAC mascara

Doesn’t it look cool? It’s called Bold & Bad Lash, and it comes out in June.

Lips and Lashes, and Two New Things From MAC Coming in JuneThe red band is for lower lashes, and the black band is for the upper lashes

The writing on the tube looks like graffiti! Agh!

Sorry…font nerd moment.

The words are also raised on the tube and feel like felt, but that’s not even the coolest thing about this mascara.

The coolest thing is that it works like a two-in-one mascara. Unscrewing the wand from the black band in the cap reveals a traditional mascara brush for your upper lashes, but unscrewing the wand from the smaller red cap at the top reveals a second, smaller, super precise brush for your lower lashes.

The bigger brush is an OK, run-o’-the-mill mascara brush, but the smaller brush? I LOVE!

Lips and Lashes, and Two New Things From MAC Coming in JuneThe thicker brush on the left is for your upper lashes, and the skinny one on the right is for your lower lashes

It’s super skinny and less than half an inch long. It just may be the smallest mascara brush I’ve ever seen, and you can practically thread the brush between your lower lashes like you’re doing embroidery. You can also easily reach into the inner corners and coat those hard-to-get bits from root to tip. It’s kind of amazing.

Lips and Lashes, and Two New Things From MAC Coming in June

Basically, this is a great mascara for cool rock ‘n’ roll lashes. The brush for your upper lashes hugs three or four lash hairs and bundles them together so that your lashes look more like spikes, but if you like your lashes to be individually separated, you can always run a lash comb through them.

The formula layers well, too, and you can just keep building and building and building without having to deal with any bumps or clumps.

Hey, let me put on another layer right now. Why not? ?

MAC Bold & Bad Lash is $23 and comes in a single color called Bold Bad Black. It’ll be errrwhere and anywhere you can find MAC starting on June 8th in the permanent line.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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