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American style in the interior

American style in the interior is a popular design option in the United States and Canada for the interior of residential buildings, which is characterized by a combination of democratic functionality and unobtrusive sophistication of the situation. The American style is perfect to demonstrate to guests their material well-being and loyalty to traditional family values. It embodies the freedom and ease of lifestyle, as well as home comfort and respectability of the owners.

The American style appeared as a result of mixing different cultures and design trends, so it can rightfully be called a special kind of eclecticism. Such an interior is often found in luxurious country mansions, prestigious apartments and spacious apartments not only in the United States, but also in many European countries.

Features of the American style in the interior

The American style in the interior is quite easy to distinguish from other areas of interior design by numerous characteristic features. It can often be found in Hollywood films, where the main characters are representatives of the middle class – residents of various regions of the United States. To relax and switch after a hard day’s work, many Americans play in casinos – for example, PlayAmo. This is another characteristic feature of the American lifestyle.

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The main features of the American style in the interior include:

  • Open space layout. Walls and partitions in the house are used to a minimum, the dining room is usually not separated from the kitchen. The large room has plenty of space for all family members.
  • Characteristic centric arrangement of furniture. Armchairs and sofas are placed away from the walls around a cozy fireplace. Another common furnishing option is to set up a huge table with lots of chairs in the center of the room.
  • The predominance of a calm color palette. Bright shades are not customary to use in the American style. Preference is given to milky, beige, cream or sand colors.
  • Ease of finishing the ceiling and walls. Most often, white ceilings are made smooth and perfectly even, and the walls are painted in a monochromatic palette or wallpapered in discreet shades.
  • Soft and natural lighting. A massive chandelier is hung in the center of the room, which is rarely turned on – on major holidays. On ordinary days, all kinds of wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps serve as light sources.
  • Moderate decor. Family photos on the walls, soft pillows, as well as thin curtains made of natural materials or plain blinds help create a cozy atmosphere in the house.
  • Open floors with built-in heating system. They are made from laminate or parquet boards. It is customary to install ceramic tiles only in the bathroom, toilet and kitchen. Carpets can usually be found only in bedrooms and children’s rooms.

In American society, it is customary to hide personal space from prying eyes. Therefore, bedrooms and children’s rooms are usually located on the second floor of the house. There are also bathrooms and toilets. But the spacious dining room is often combined not only with the kitchen, but also with the hallway, so that each family member can see the guests entering the house from afar.

The history of American style in interiors

The history of the fully formed American style in interiors goes back a little over 100 years, but the origins of this design trend can be found much earlier, at the end of the 18th century. In those days, a young state appeared on the world map, whose citizens were immigrants from Europe, mainly from England.

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In the homes of Americans with good income, a special colonial style of interior gradually began to take shape. Emigrants sought not only to embody the traditions of their historical homeland in the atmosphere, but also to show off luxury in front of their friends. In spacious residences, receptions were held in the best traditions of good old England.

At the same time, the vast expanses of the New World began to be rapidly populated by families of farmers. There was enough space for the construction and development of their own economy for everyone, so the settlers built large houses and emphasized the practicality of the situation.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, there was a mixture of colonial and farm design trends, new traditions were created in the way of life of people. But the final impetus to the formation of a full-fledged American style in the interior was the appearance of luxurious Art Deco. This direction quickly gained popularity not only in Europe, but also in the New World.

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