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Xenophobia Why do some Indians hate Nigerians? Despite the strong ties between India and Nigeria, our people are still getting attacked.

A disturbing video of a Nigerian tied to a post and beaten by Indians recently surfaced online.

In the clip, thrashed by a mob in Delhi. The man had been accused of theft and drugs before he was assaulted by a crowd. The incident allegedly took place over two weeks ago in Malviya Nagar in South Delhi.

According to the site NDTV “After the brutal assault, he was arrested and jailed but the perpetrators of his torture remain at large.

“He was allegedly caught in the early hours of September 24, inside the house of one Krishna Kumar.

Some African students protesting the incessant attacks in IndiaSome African students protesting the incessant attacks in India

 (Al Jazeera)

This is the latest case of a Nigerian being attacked in India. On Monday, March 27, 2017, a mob in Greater Noida, India attacked a Nigerian student according to several news sites from both India and Nigeria.

In 2013, an anti-Nigerian banner was put up in the city of Goa. “Say no to Nigerians. Say no to drugs” read the banner. In the same year, a Nigerian Obodo Uzoma Simeon was killed in Goa. The Nigerian government hasn’t responded to this latest attack of a Nigerian in India.

An anti-Nigeria banner in IndiaAn anti-Nigeria banner in India


The diplomatic between Nigeria and India is particularly strong. In the 70s and 80s, Nigerian cinemas showed tons of Bollywood movies such as “Burning Train“, “Samrat“, “Mad“, “Dus Numbri“, exposed Nigerians to popular Indian culture.

Burning Train, the iconic Bollywood movie
Burning Train, the iconic Bollywood movie

(YouTube )

It was around this period too that Indian businessmen set up textile companies and factories in Nigeria, especially around Lagos. The Indian community in Nigeria is very strong.

It is not rare to see an Indian family on the streets of Lagos. It is also not common to hear an Indian speaking pidgin or even an indigenous Nigerian language. That’s how much Indian expatriates have become part of the Nigerian fabric.

President Buhari and Prime Minister of India Narendra ModiPresident Buhari and Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi


Nigerians are nomads and of course, we are very much present in India. Over the years, India has become a top spot for young Nigerians who want to further their education. Also, the country’s strong movie industry has attracted Nigerians who wish to learn the movie craft.

The cheap tuition of film institutions in India has made it hot spots for Nigerian students.

Even with Nigerians going to India to further their education, it seems there are others going there for different reasons.

Whenever there is an incident of Indians attacking Nigerians, it is always tied to drugs. Some Indians perceive Nigerians as drug dealers and attack them for corrupting their society.

Even if this is true, jungle justice is not the answer. Any Nigerian caught breaking the law in India should be reported to the police and not beaten and killed. That’s barbaric.

The relationship between India and Nigeria is good but jungle justice and mob attacks are putting a strain on it. Nigerians love Indians but some Indians are all about violence.

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