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What We Need Stop Saying to Single People

Sometimes, even though we’re well-meaning, we end up saying really stupid things to single people.

It’s Thursday morning, and the bedhead is real with me today. I meant to get up early and write an epic post to end my series this week on cultures that promote child abuse by zeroing in on a culture closer to home.

But quite frankly, I am too tired. Yesterday we spent 13 hours moving my daughter and son-in-law into their new apartment, and taking ownership of the investment property that Keith and I just bought (Becca and Connor are living in the basement, and we’re renting out the upstairs. It’s lovely. If you’re in Ottawa and are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment, email me!).

And so I was delighted when my daughter Katie made another great video (we’re both so humbled by the reaction to her purity video that I posted earlier this week!), and I thought I’d share it with you today since I have to rush over to Becca’s and help her unpack before boxes fall on her 5-pound dog Winston.

This is Winston:

What We Need Stop Saying to Single People

Plus I’m feeling guilty because yesterday I MAY have sort of run over part of Connor’s foot. It’s not as bad as it sounds. But it’s still really stupid and careless and I feel bad. So I should go help the kids. (I may tell you that story of my stupidity later. It’s a good one).

And I’ll write that epic post hopefully tomorrow!

So without further adieu, here’s Katie with a really important message (and the part about how we assume that “You need to just throw yourself into your relationship with the Lord, because it’s only once you’re complete without a guy that God will bring a guy into your life” is so true. It makes it sound like people in a relationship are totally right with God, and those who aren’t are somehow spiritually inferior. Please–let’s stop inadvertently shaming those who are single! Oh, and it’s okay to be sad when you’re single. Being sad and not being at peace are not synonymous. You can be at peace with your life and still wish you were married. We’re asking single people to not want something that God made us to crave. Stop!).

Here’s Katie:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR23_v6kL6Y]

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Now let’s talk in the comments: What stupid things do we say to single people? Has anyone ever said anything stupid to you?

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