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Watch this runs-girl celebrating N100K pay off with nude video

Many Nigerians are not happy with an Abuja-based lady who made a nude video of herself celebrating N100,000 she made in one night.

An Abuja-based runs girl who made a nude video of herself while showing off N100,000 she got for her services in one night, has been slammed by many Nigerians who think she has completely lost it.

Those who know the lady say her name is Aisha and she is reportedly a high profile prostitute who is very popular amongst politicians and top businessmen in the Federal Capital Territory.

In the video, Aisha seems very proud of making that much in just one night, was ecstatic in the video, and is heard saying:

“Hundred thousand, last night to this morning. Can I shout?”

It seems she was very happy with her job which paid off handsomely but that did not go down well with Nigerians who descended heavily on her, with some calling her derogatory names.

Read some of the comments by unhappy Nigerians:

Chinyere Ndumadu“Is this someone’s daughter? My sister, you have sold your soul to the devil and he is surely making plans for your visit to hell.”

Maureen Okafor“I really pity your parents. So you made N100K in one night and you are celebrating it? Ashewo like you. Hide your face in shame, useless prostitute.”

Bernard Jay: “You are nothing but a cheap prostitute. And one innocent man will come and marry this harlot in the future? You are lost.”

Randy Akpata: “Angel of doom, that is what you are. That money is your ticket to hell.”

Edith Aikhionbare: “I am very sure you will use 90% of the money to treat the STDs those men have infected you with. What are you excited about? Your mates make more than that legitimately and you are here celebrating after selling yourself. You are heading for hell.”

Ema Ndu“In Naija, if you make that much money in a night, everyone knows it can only be through prostitution.”

Zinny Nwosu“She should get ready for spending the money on STD treatment and possibly her funeral because what these men could collect in exchange for the money they give is disaster.

I hope her destiny hasn’t been exchanged too. And all these men who patronize sex workers, how do u sleep at night?

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And you come out in the daytime and look for someone’s innocent daughter to mislead and infect. Stop patronizing these women and they’ll stop selling their bodies.”

Amaka Chukwunyere“Our youth have lost it. Omg. Is this what Nigeria has turned people into? Other youths are doing things to develop their country while in Nigeria its either our youths are into cybercrime, Internet nudity or nuisance.”

Watch the video here:

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