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Unusual sights of Great Britain

The United Kingdom is full of mysteries that people will probably never be able to solve. But this only makes us happy, because how much inexplicable remains to be explored. A haunted city, a grotto of mysterious shells and a cursed chair – we have collected ten of the most exciting places in the UK and share with you. And if you do not have the opportunity to travel, you can choose to have fun online, for example, play in the casino using the National Casino login.

Chillingham Castle

This building in Northumberland in the north of England is the most famous haunted castle in the United Kingdom. It was built at the end of the 12th century and for a long time belonged to the Gray family and their descendants. Today, the castle is open to the public, and tourists visit it primarily because of the legends about the ghosts living here. Most often, the Blue Boy is seen here. According to eyewitnesses, strange sounds and screams are often heard in the Pink Room of the castle, and then a blue glow appears, resembling the silhouette of a boy. In another room of the building, the former torture room, you can meet the spirit of John Sage, one of the former owners of Chillingham. They say he strangled his mistress, after which he was executed in his native walls. Another former owner of the castle, who cannot leave it in any way, is Lady Mary Berkeley. According to the stories, the spirit appears from her portrait in the Gray Room. Legend has it that Lady Mary’s husband went to her sister, leaving his wife to mourn in the castle walls.

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Village of Plakley

Located in Kent, this village is said to be the most haunted place in the UK. They say that there are from 12 to 15 of them here. The villagers do not get tired of retelling to tourists the legends about the local spirits of a robber, a hangman, a woman in white, a gypsy smoking a pipe on a bridge, and other characters. And travelers come here to dispel rooted rumors or to verify their authenticity. They say that an empty carriage drawn by ghostly horses even drives around the city.

Shell Grotto

In Kent, there is another no less mysterious place – a grotto made of shells, discovered quite randomly. In 1835, in the town of Margaret, a boy fell into a hole that was formed after his father dug a pond for ducks. Having got out, the child told about what he saw – tunnels decorated with shells. After studying the underground passages, it turned out that they are covered with a mosaic of 4.5 million shells. Remarkably, many of them are from the Caribbean. The shells are connected with Roman cement. Who and why built this strange tunnel is unknown.


It is difficult to find a person who has not heard about one of the biggest mysteries of history – the construction of Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Representing a complex of stone structures, this place has become a popular attraction in England. The main secret lies in who and why erected these blocks of stone and why they arranged them in such a way. The building was called both the tomb of the pagan queen, and the observatory of the Stone Age, and the place of ancient burials. Nevertheless, while scientists are puzzling over the disclosure of the secrets of Stonehenge, tourists come here to see the mysterious place with their own eyes.

Hill of Saint Michael

A 145-meter hill near Glastonbury has been shrouded in a mass of secrets and mysteries for centuries. At the very top of the hill there is the only tower of the Church of St. Michael that has survived after the earthquake in 1274, and at its foot there is a sacred well with water, which does not dry out even in a severe drought. The monks of Glastonbury Abbey claimed that the ashes of King Arthur rested here, the pagans – that the hill and the tower represent a transition to the other world, and some even believe that the Holy Grail is stored here. Even if none of these and many other theories are correct, this place does not become less mysterious.

Loch Ness lake

No matter how many arguments are given in favor of the fact that the Loch Ness monster is just a fiction, there is just as much evidence to the contrary. In contrast to the opinion of scientists, many casual witnesses and amateur researchers do not get tired of presenting their arguments about the fact that a certain creature lives at the bottom of a Scottish lake. Be that as it may, Loch Ness has been one of the most mysterious places in the UK for many years.

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Raynham Hall Manor

Even at first glance, this estate in Norfolk inspires fear: it seems that the prototype of houses from horror films was precisely the family estate of the Marquess of Townshend. And this is understandable, because one of the most famous ghost photographs in history, the ghosts of the Brown Lady, was taken here. Since the beginning of the 19th century, residents and guests of the estate have been talking about what they saw in the ghost house. The story picked up steam in 1936 when Lady Townshend asked photographer Indra Shaira to take pictures of the home’s furnishings. When the assistant took pictures, Shira saw a ghost slowly descending on the steps. The photographer ordered the assistant to shoot in the indicated direction, but he did not see anything unusual and argued with Shire for 5 pounds that everything seemed to him. After developing, a silhouette appeared in the picture, dressed in a dress and veil. The frame, published in Countrylife magazine, caused a public outcry, and experts, upon detailed study, did not reveal any signs of fraud.

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