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Two years anniversary: APC has nothing to celebrate – PDP

Fidelis Soriwei, Abuja

The People’s Democratic Party has attacked the ruling All Progressives Congress saying the party has nothing to celebrate two years after.

The National Publicity Secretary of the Senator Ahmed Maikarfi-led National Working Committee, Mr. Dayo Adeyeye, in a statement on Sunday  night that the APC-led Government was marked by hand handedness, crass ineptitude and lack of tolerance for the opposition.

He said that the APC had endangered democratic foundation laid by the PDP which enabled the opposition to win elections in the society.

Adeyeye said that the activities of the ruling APC were suggestive of a bleak democratic outing for the country in the 2019 elections.

He lamented that Nigerians had nothing to celebrate as the APC “has plunged the vast majority of the people into this two years of despondency, ambiguity, repressed and depressed condition and still ongoing.”

Adeyeye said that the APC had not done anything to ensure a proper campaign against corruption aside from using the weapons of harassment and  intimidation of the opposition inimical to  democratic development in the society.

He said, “Beginning with the issue of corruption in this discussion is critical in line with the APC/President Buhari’s ‘Change Agenda’ and ‘hype in corruption chase’ which has left sour taste given the dishonesty and charade that has characterized the actions of this Government so far.

“For the record, ‘corruption’ is endemic in our system since the Military era and using it to weep citizens’ sentiments is absurd while playing ignorant of honest achievements made by PDP Governments to combat this alarming menace.

“The Question is what has the APC done to fight corruption? Nothing! Yes indeed nothing except noise, hounding, torturing, flouting of court orders and vilification of opposition leaders and members in and out of courts/incarcerations without proving anything; harassments, intimidation, indiscriminate arrests and detention of Judges in order to cow them to desecrate the Judiciary and deny the people justice; promote Gestapo State and by extension, kill democracy.”

He added that Nigerians and the international community had lost confidence in the Independent National Electoral Commission as the APC allegedly prevented it from performing its electoral responsibilities without interference.

He noted the INEC demonstrated loss of integrity in the gubernatorial elections in Edo, Ondo, Bayelsa and other  elections conducted by the commission.

Adeyeye added that the PDP left  a stronger judiciary which according to him was being discredited by the APC with impunity as the part had continued to flout court orders.

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