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Top 10 best Blockchain technology courses to learn in 2022

Blockchain technology, which is a distributed and immutable ledger, can facilitate the recording of transactions along with the tracking of assets in a business network. A tangible asset (such as a house or car) or an intangible asset (such as cash or land) can constitute an asset (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding). A blockchain network enables the monitoring and exchange of virtually anything of value, thereby reducing the associated risks and costs for all parties.

Why blockchain technology is indispensable: Information is the driving force of the business. The information should be received as quickly and accurately as possible. Blockchain technology is perfectly suited for the delivery of this information because it provides information that is instantly shared and completely transparent. This information is saved on an immutable ledger and is only accessible to authorized network members. Through a blockchain network, orders, payments, accounts, production, and a great deal more can be monitored. And because all network participants share the same view of the truth, you can view the entirety of a transaction from beginning to end. This not only increases your confidence but also provides you with new opportunities and efficiencies. There are many Blockchain Certification Course offered by reputed universities and online learning platforms. Let us look at some of the best courses on offer:

1. The Professional Certificate Program in Blockchain:

This is a four-month long program that is run in collaboration with IIT Kanpur. This program is designed for leaders. This blockchain course offers students a high-engagement learning experience with real-world applications of blockchain technology in a wide variety of industries, including supply chain management, healthcare, and the financial sector. The blockchain certification program guides learners through the fundamentals of the technology before moving on to cover all of the technical and functional aspects that are required to construct any blockchain solution utilizing the most effective tools and procedures currently available in the market. During the course of this program, participants will construct smart contracts and bitcoin wallets, create transactions, and learn more about fabricode. The IIT Kanpur’s academic prowess in the field of blockchain technology is leveraged by the Professional Blockchain Certification Program offered by Simplilearn. This program provides students with essential skills through an innovative Bootcamp format. Also, Career Karma has ranked the Blockchain Professional Certificate Program as the number one best coding Bootcamp.

2. Learn the Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology by Simplilearn If You Want to Become a Blockchain Developer

This program will help you cut through the noise that surrounds Blockchain, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies by providing you with an introduction to Blockchain. Gain an understanding of blockchain technology and its fundamental platforms while also becoming proficient with essential tools such as Ganache, Truffle, MetaMask, and Geth. Using Hyperledger Composer, you will also be able to create apps using Ethereum and set up a localized private network for your business.

3. Blockchain Tutorial for Beginners to Advanced Level offered by Simplilearn:

These are beginner-level tutorials that cover and explain the following topics:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Bitcoin
  • Smart Contract
  • Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain technology

4. Caltech is offering an online Blockchain Bootcamp.

This Bootcamp will trainyou to build, create, and administer smart contracts, as well as how to create both Public and Enterprise Blockchains, and you will also learn about Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain, and other related topics.

5. Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation And Application Short Course Taught Online:

Earning a digital certificate of completion from the MIT Sloan School of Management, one of the most reputed and prestigious business schools in the world, is a great way to demonstrate your expertise and get recognized for it. This course also counts toward an MIT Sloan Executive Certificate, which can be earned after completing a total of four MIT Sloan courses: three from the certificate track of your choice and one course taken on campus in person.

6. Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application by MIT

  • This class is spread out over a period of 6 weeks, and the average weekly study time is estimated to be between 6 and 8 hours.
  • This course is presented to you in our Self-Paced Online format, which enables you to participate at your own pace within weekly modules at any time that is convenient for you.
  • You will learn through a variety of mediums, some of which include: interactive videos, presentations, practice quizzes, assignments, and discussion forums.
  • Moreover, you will have access to a Success Adviser who will support you with any administrative or technical questions you may have, as well as help you better manage your time.
  • You will be awarded a certificate of completion from the MIT Sloan School of Management after successfully completing the course.

7. Blockchain Technologies by UCI

To ensure that our program covers a wide range of topics, the curriculum for the UCI Blockchain Bootcamp was developed through a collaborative effort involving Blockchain industry professionals, business owners, fintech experts, and technology consultants. This bootcamp was developed with professionals currently employed in accounting, technology, business, the legal field, and the financial technology industry specifically in mind.

8. Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies – Purdue University

This is an intermediate-level course on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies that requires learners to complete one of the Foundational level crypto currency courses offered by Purdue. The course covers topics like Distributed Computing Concepts: Consensus, State machine replications, Two-phase Commits, Permissioned blockchains: Hyperledger Fabric, Permissionless blockchains: Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOU Credit Networks: Ripple, Stellar, (Smart) Contracts and Scripts: Layer-2 solutions such as Payment channels and state channels, Blockchain Privacy Attacks and Solutions:, Monero, Shuffles, Blockchain Interoperability: Interledger, Atomic Swaps, Sidechains, Advanced topics like Scalability, Proof of stake, etc., in detail. The course also contains two projects to impart knowledge on Hyperledger (chaincode) and the programming difficulty of Ethereum (Solidity).

9. New 6-Week Online Certificate Program Economics Of Blockchain And Digital Assets Offered By Wharton:

The Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets program at Wharton is the first executive education course in the world to focus on the economics of Blockchain and digital assets. The course teaches participants how to determine the value of new technologies in order to take advantage of opportunities for their businesses to expand. This course is intended for professionals who are focused on growth, including financial analysts and advisors, business and technology consultants, and professionals in related fields. People who work in industries such as banking and financial services, media and telecoms, consulting, energy, automotive, health care and pharma, and consumer goods are the target audience for this product.

10. Introduction to Blockchain (M) by IIT Kanpur:

You will learn exactly how Blockchain Technology is able to share the data among the Institutions and provide a secure platform, and you will also gain an understanding of how Institutional Technology is currently being used on the basis of Blockchain Technology. The goal of E & ICT Academy is to bridge the gap between the academic approach to electronics and ICT domains that are currently provided by educational institutions and the practically oriented approach that is demanded by the industry.

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