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Too Hot To Handle Season 3 Release Date, Cast, And Rules Explained

For those unfamiliar with “Too Hot to Handle,” the rules are relatively simple: No one can have sex. Okay, maybe it’s not that simple. The cast is told that they cannot have any sexual contact, whether it be kissing or heavy petting, or penalized. The cast starts with a sum of money — usually $100,000. Each infraction of rule break results in a deduction of funds, which affects everyone. A kiss? Well, that could run you about $3,000 while doing the deed has been known to cost $20,000. On the Season 1 finale, several cast members split the remaining money. On the Season 2 finale, the cast voted on the most changed individual in the house, and that person was awarded what was left in the pot — Marvin Anthony took home $55,000.

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The cast receives instructions and other information from a virtual assistant named Lana — and Lana doesn’t miss a beat. There are cameras everywhere, and no one gets away with anything. Throughout the process, the cast participates in various workshops. Anyone who isn’t making progress to better themselves in some way may even be sent home. There are ways for the cast to earn some of their lost money back, but it isn’t easy. It often involves hazardous situations where two very attracted people are sent to spend the night together and must not even kiss. Sometimes it works out — and sometimes? It doesn’t.

too hot to handle season 3 release date cast and rules

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