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The Devastating Effects of Martha Stewart’s Divorce from Andrew Stewart

Martha Stewart and Andrew Stewart’s divorce had a profound impact on the couple and their family, and the aftermath of their breakup continued to make headlines for years. Now, 36 years after their split, Martha has opened up about the devastating effects the divorce had on her life and relationships.

Martha and Andrew’s split occurred in 1987, and it was the beginning of a long and complicated divorce process that spanned over four years. Andrew went public with his relationship with Robyn Fairclough, who allegedly had worked as Martha’s assistant and as a flower consultant for her business in the past, shortly after the divorce.

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The revelation of the relationship was a huge blow to Martha, who was reportedly hit hard by the news. According to a 1995 People report, the fact that Fairclough was 21 years younger than Andrew and closer in age to their daughter Alexis only made it harder for Martha to process the situation. To make matters worse, Andrew’s relationship with Fairclough was no fling.

In May 1993, Andrew and Robyn tied the knot in New York, and Martha was reportedly the one who suggested they would be perfect together. However, according to a family friend, Martha’s comment was not intended as a compliment. “Martha used to push them together, laughing about it in her way, which was more of a put-down of the two of them. It was sadistic,” the source explained.

By the time Andrew got together with Robyn, he and Martha had stopped talking, and he obtained a court order to keep Martha from contacting him. Martha reportedly respected the order for three decades, which meant that she and Andrew had no communication whatsoever. The distance between the two exes was hard for Martha. “Getting divorced was a terrible thing for me … And that we haven’t spoken since the divorce is even more painful,” she told People in 2020.

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The divorce and its aftermath impacted Martha’s relationships with her children as well. According to Martha, her relationship with her daughter Alexis was strained for years after the split. “It was hard for [Alexis] to understand why her dad was gone and why I couldn’t fix it,” Martha told People.

Martha also opened up about the impact the split had on her approach to love and relationships. “I learned that it’s not easy to love,” she said. “And it’s very difficult to maintain those loving feelings,” Martha said that she struggled to let go of her hurt and anger after the divorce, which made it hard for her to open herself up to love again in the future.

Despite the difficulties she faced, Martha ultimately found love again with her longtime partner, businessman Charles Simonyi. She and Charles have been together since 2002, but Martha says that the pain of her divorce from Andrew has never truly gone away. “It’s still painful to talk about it,” she said.

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In conclusion, the divorce between Martha and Andrew Stewart had a huge impact on both parties and their family. The aftermath of their split continued to make headlines for years, and Martha has recently opened up about the devastating effects the divorce had on her life and relationships. Despite the pain and difficulties she faced, Martha has found love again with Charles Simonyi, but she says the pain of her divorce from Andrew still lingers to this day.

martha stewarts ex husband moved on with her assistant after their divorce

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