Teyana Taylor reveals what she will do if Iman Shumpert cheats on her


There have been rumours that NBA player Iman Shumpert impregnated a woman but his wife Teyana Taylor has shut down the rumours he woman herself has also shut down the rumours. Teyana has now revealed what she would do if he cheats on her.

A fan while reacting to the cheating rumours, wrote: “Teyana Taylor seem like the type of bitch that’d cut yo dick off while you sleep if you cheat on her”

Teyana retweeted the tweet and added:

Confirmation CONFIRMATION, the rumors aren’t true. ????? this sealed the deal. I’d cut it while he’s awake. Lmfao

Iman Shumpert is alleged to have had a baby with Alby Rhydes but Alby denied that Iman is her baby’s father.


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