This weekend I decorated the upstairs deck and turned it into… Well, it was supposed to be my lady sanctuary, where I could go to relax for a bit, unwind, do some reading, sip my morning coffee and clear my head, but I didn’t have the heart to tell Tabs when he sneaked out there, so I guess it’s also going to be an occasional tabby sanctuary.

Perfectly understandable, though, because he did help. He was responsible for conducting the various inspections, like the echinacea plant taste test, and for making sure that the proper kitty condo codes were followed.

In order to perform his job to the utmost level, he set up a Curious Cat Cube as his personal on-site field office, from where he made sure that everything in the lady/tabby sanctuary was in tip-top condition.

There are still a few things left to finish the lady/tabby sanctuary, like putting up a few hanging flower planters and running the cushions for the swinging chair through the wash.

But it’s almost there, and I can’t wait to do some hardcore relaxing with Tabs. ?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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