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SDP Urges Genuine Independence for INEC to Ensure Credible Elections

In a bid to ensure the credibility of Nigeria’s elections, the National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Malam Shehu Gabam, has called for true independence for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Speaking with journalists in Abuja on Sunday, Gabam emphasized the need for the executive, judiciary, and legislature to act within the confines of the law to bolster the electoral processes in the country.

While acknowledging INEC’s efforts in the conduct of the 2023 general election and off-cycle elections, particularly in the area of logistics delivery, Gabam highlighted the lingering influence of the executive on the commission’s performance.

“Let me tell you the honest truth. INEC is not independent. A lot of people do not understand it when I raise these issues,” Gabam asserted, expressing his concerns about the limitations imposed on the INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu. “There is nothing the INEC Chairman can do. He is completely handicapped in conducting elections. What he can do is to produce election materials, deliver them to every state and polling unit, and deploy INEC or ad hoc staff to supervise the election.”

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Gabam pointed out that, by law, the executive, under the President, holds the responsibility for appointing the INEC chairman, national commissioners, and Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs).

The SDP’s call for genuine independence for INEC underscores the party’s commitment to fostering transparent and credible electoral processes in Nigeria. As the nation gears up for future elections, the issue of INEC’s autonomy has become a focal point for political discourse and public scrutiny.

In a statement that reverberates across the political landscape, the SDP’s stance resonates with the growing demand for a level playing field in Nigeria’s electoral arena. The quest for an impartial electoral umpire has become increasingly imperative in light of the pivotal role that elections play in shaping the country’s democratic trajectory.

Amidst the clamor for electoral reforms and institutional autonomy, the SDP’s advocacy for INEC’s independence serves as a catalyst for national dialogue on the imperative of safeguarding the integrity of Nigeria’s electoral system.

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The SDP’s unwavering stance on this issue reflects a broader sentiment within the political sphere, as various stakeholders and observers continue to underscore the significance of an independent electoral body in ensuring free, fair, and credible elections.

As the call for INEC’s autonomy gains traction, it beckons a critical examination of the institutional framework that underpins the electoral process in Nigeria. The need to insulate INEC from undue influence and partisan interests is pivotal to upholding the sanctity of the electoral process and engendering public trust in the outcome of elections.

In the quest for genuine independence for INEC, the SDP’s advocacy resonates with the aspirations of a nation yearning for a transparent and accountable electoral system. By championing the cause for institutional autonomy, the party amplifies the collective voice of citizens who seek to uphold the democratic ideals enshrined in the Nigerian polity.

The SDP’s call serves as a clarion call to all stakeholders, urging them to prioritize the consolidation of democratic governance through the establishment of an independent electoral commission. By galvanizing support for INEC’s autonomy, the party underscores the imperative of fortifying the electoral process against external interference and partisan manipulation.

In the wake of the SDP’s advocacy, the discourse on INEC’s independence gains renewed momentum, resonating across the political spectrum and eliciting widespread public interest. The call for genuine autonomy for INEC reverberates as a pivotal step towards fortifying the foundations of democracy and nurturing a political environment characterized by fairness, transparency, and accountability.

The SDP’s unwavering commitment to championing the cause of INEC’s independence underscores the party’s dedication to advancing democratic principles and engendering public confidence in the electoral process. As the nation navigates the complexities of electoral governance, the imperative of a truly independent electoral commission assumes paramount significance in shaping the trajectory of Nigeria’s democratic evolution.

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In conclusion, the SDP’s call for genuine independence for INEC stands as a testament to the party’s unwavering commitment to fostering a robust and impartial electoral framework in Nigeria. As the nation embarks on the journey towards future elections, the imperative of an independent electoral commission looms large on the horizon, underscoring the pivotal role that institutional autonomy plays in safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process.

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