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Revolutionary Cellular Signal Boosters Unveiled for Automotive Market

PAs, LNAs boost cellular signals inside vehicles

In an exciting development for the automotive industry, Guerrilla RF, Inc. has officially launched two ¼ W linear Power Amplifiers (PAs) and two Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) designed specifically for the automotive market. These cutting-edge devices have been rigorously tested and qualified to meet the demanding AEC-Q100 quality standards, setting a new benchmark for semiconductor devices used in automotive applications.

The new PAs and LNAs are set to revolutionize the way cellular signals are amplified and enhanced within the cabin of vehicles, effectively serving as cellular signal boosters. The introduction of these components represents a significant leap forward in the quest to provide seamless connectivity for drivers and passengers.

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Leading the charge are the GRF5507W and GRF5517W, which join the previously announced GRF5526W and GRF5536W linear PAs. Together, these four devices cover the most popular cellular bands spanning the 700MHz – 4200MHz frequency range. Leveraging the latest technology, these components have undergone an additional set of qualification tests and unique production screening protocols to warrant an AEC-Q100 Class 2 rating, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability in automotive environments.

The GRF55xx-W series of PAs are tailor-made for 4G/5G cellular applications, offering exceptional native linearity over a wide temperature range of -40°C to 105°C. With the ability to deliver up to 23dBm of output power and achieve better than -45dBc of ACLR performance without the need for supplemental linearization schemes like digital pre-distortion (DPD), these PAs set a new standard for efficiency and effectiveness in cellular signal enhancement.

Not to be outdone, the new GRF2106W and GRF2133W LNAs complement GRF’s existing portfolio of fully qualified AEC-Q100 LNAs. The GRF2106W operates over the 2700 – 5000 MHz range with a nominal gain of 21.5 dB and a low NF of 0.8 dB, while the GRF2133W offers a higher gain level of 28 dB and an even lower NF of 0.6 dB over an operating band of 1800 – 5000MHz. These LNAs are designed to deliver superior performance and reliability, further enhancing the capabilities of cellular signal boosters in automotive applications.

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In terms of packaging and pricing, the GRF5507W and GRF5517W come in pin-compatible 3mm x 3mm, 16-pin QFN packages, with pricing starting at $1.54 (10,000-up, EXW USA). On the other hand, the GRF2106W and GRF2133W utilize GRF’s smallest 1.5mm x 1.5mm, 6-pin DFN package, with pricing starting at $0.62 and $0.83, respectively (10,000-up, EXW USA). With samples and evaluation boards available for all four components, companies in the automotive industry can now explore the potential of these groundbreaking solutions firsthand.

The introduction of these advanced PAs and LNAs marks a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of automotive technology. By enhancing cellular signals within vehicles, these components are poised to improve the driving experience for countless individuals, offering seamless connectivity and reliable communication on the go.

As the automotive industry continues to embrace the era of connectivity and smart mobility, the emergence of these innovative cellular signal boosters represents a key advancement in the pursuit of safer, more connected vehicles. With their exceptional performance, reliability, and compatibility with automotive standards, these components are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of in-vehicle connectivity.

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In conclusion, the formal release of these revolutionary PAs and LNAs by Guerrilla RF, Inc. heralds a new era of enhanced cellular connectivity within vehicles, paving the way for a more seamless and reliable driving experience for consumers around the world.



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