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KYOCERA AVX Introduces A-Series Low-Profile Automotive Antennas at CES 2024


Las Vegas, NV – KYOCERA AVX, a leading provider of electronic components, unveiled its latest innovation, the A-Series low-profile, surface-mount automotive antennas at CES 2024. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), renowned as the world’s foremost tech event, serves as a launching pad for cutting-edge technologies and global innovators. The new A-Series sample kits are on display at Booth #10545 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center from Tuesday, January 9, through Friday, January 12.

These state-of-the-art A-Series low-profile SMT antennas adhere to AEC-Q200 standards, offering the broadest range of AEC-Q200-compliant antennas in the automotive sector. Specifically designed for applications such as wireless battery management systems, telematics control units, and vehicle access key fobs, these antennas support a diverse array of wireless technologies. From GNSS L1/L2/L5/L6, ISM, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth, cellular, LTE, 5G, to UWB, they cover a wide spectrum of frequencies, extending from 617MHz to 8.5GHz.

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Notably, these surface-mount devices are engineered to provide superior RF field containment, ensuring optimal performance in reception-critical applications. They are available in stamped metal, FR-4, ceramic chip, and ultra-small chip packages, all of which are compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive.

Although AEC-Q200 standards do not traditionally cover antenna products, the A-Series antennas have undergone rigorous testing in line with AEC-Q200 procedures and requirements. This includes automotive-grade testing for temperature cycling, mechanical shock, and vibration. Furthermore, the A-Series is accompanied by International Material Data System (IMDS) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation, adding value for automotive manufacturers.

Some of the new A-Series antennas feature KYOCERA AVX’s Isolated Magnetic Dipole (IMD) technology, which enables them to deliver enhanced functionality and performance in compact, slim designs. Notably, the A1001013 and A1001011 antennas are capable of operating both on- and off-ground, a crucial feature for heavily metallic environments such as wireless battery management systems (wBMS). In these environments, the antennas facilitate wireless communication between the battery cell monitor chip and the BMS control unit.

In a related development, global semiconductor leader ADI is actively involved in creating a robust information ecosystem around electric vehicle (EV) battery data. ADI’s wBMS, currently being deployed across multiple EV platforms, holds ISO 21434 Cybersecurity Assurance Level Four (CAL 4) certification and sets an industry benchmark for RF robustness and efficiency. The inclusion of KYOCERA AVX A-Series antennas underscores their exceptional quality and performance.

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The introduction of the A-Series low-profile, surface-mount automotive antennas by KYOCERA AVX at CES 2024 marks a significant milestone in the automotive electronics industry. These antennas not only meet stringent industry standards but also offer cutting-edge features and capabilities to address the evolving needs of automotive applications.



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