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AccelerComm Launches PUSCH Channel End-to-End Simulator for 5G Network Optimization

Simulate 5G physical uplink shared channel designs

AccelerComm, a leading provider of physical layer intellectual property (IP) solutions for 5G technology, has announced the release of its highly anticipated Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH) Channel End-to-End Simulator. This innovative tool is designed to revolutionize the evaluation and analysis of IP components for telecoms equipment vendors, offering a comprehensive understanding of spectral efficiency gains and performance optimization for 5G radio access networks.

The PUSCH Channel End-to-End Simulator is a configurable platform that empowers telecoms equipment vendors to assess AccelerComm’s IP components with unparalleled precision and flexibility. By simulating 3GPP-defined scenarios, the tool allows engineers and customers to delve into the intricate details of PUSCH processing components, offering a direct comparison to the industry benchmark provided by the MATLAB 5G Toolbox. This groundbreaking approach enables O-RAN telecom equipment and silicon vendors to gain valuable insights into the specific benefits of AccelerComm’s IP for their unique use cases.

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Spectral efficiency lies at the heart of next-generation cellular and radio networks, serving as a critical enabler for delivering enhanced capacity, high data rates, expansive coverage, and superior quality-of-service. The significance of spectral efficiency extends beyond performance enhancements, as it also presents opportunities to reduce infrastructure equipment and operational power consumption. With AccelerComm’s complete physical layer IP solutions and components, the limitations that impede the throughput, latency, and spectral efficiency of 5G networks can be effectively addressed. By mitigating the adverse effects of noise, interference, and signal strength challenges, AccelerComm’s solutions pave the way for an optimized and robust 5G ecosystem.

The performance evaluation of AccelerComm’s IP components is underpinned by a meticulous and rigorous approach, ensuring a comprehensive and insightful comparison. The simulator facilitates a side-by-side assessment of two signal processing chains, offering a like-for-like comparison to quantify the advantages of AccelerComm’s IP components. The primary signal processing chain integrates components from MATLAB and the 5G Toolbox, supplemented by an interference estimator, channel equalizer, QAM demapper, and LDPC decoder from AccelerComm. In contrast, the benchmarking chain exclusively utilizes components from MATLAB and the 5G Toolbox. This approach enables the observation of individual component impacts on the PUSCH Channel of the high PHY, providing invaluable insights into performance differentials and optimization opportunities.

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As the telecommunications industry continues its relentless pursuit of 5G network optimization, the release of the PUSCH Channel End-to-End Simulator marks a significant milestone in the quest for enhanced spectral efficiency and network performance. By empowering telecoms equipment vendors and silicon providers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the benefits offered by AccelerComm’s IP components, the simulator is poised to catalyze advancements in 5G technology and drive the evolution of next-generation networks.

AccelerComm’s commitment to innovation and excellence is exemplified by the release of the PUSCH Channel End-to-End Simulator, which stands as a testament to the company’s unwavering dedication to advancing 5G technology. With its profound implications for spectral efficiency, network performance, and operational optimization, the simulator is poised to redefine the landscape of 5G technology and propel the industry toward unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency.

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In conclusion, the launch of the PUSCH Channel End-to-End Simulator represents a pivotal moment in the ongoing evolution of 5G technology, offering a transformative platform for evaluating and optimizing IP components. As the industry navigates the complexities of 5G network deployment and performance enhancement, AccelerComm’s pioneering approach promises to unlock new frontiers of efficiency and performance, laying the groundwork for a future defined by the unparalleled capabilities of 5G technology.



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