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Revolutionary Active Mixer by mmTron Inc. Unveils Seamless Frequency Conversion from 20 to 80 GHz with Zero Loss

Mixer converts 20 GHz to 80 GHz frequencies down to IF

In a groundbreaking development in the field of electronics, mmTron Inc. has introduced the TMC170D, an active mixer that redefines frequency conversion capabilities, spanning an impressive range from 20 to 80 GHz. This innovative device not only boasts an exceptional bandwidth but also sets itself apart with an average conversion loss of 0 dB across the entire spectrum, all while operating with a mere LO drive of 0 dBm.

Utilizing cutting-edge InP semiconductor technology, the design of the TMC170D enables seamless RF and LO coverage from 20 to 80 GHz, with an IF range extending from kHz to 70 GHz. The lower limit of the IF frequency is determined solely by the size of an external blocking capacitor. One of the key highlights of this mixer is its integrated LO amplifier, which eliminates the necessity for an external LO buffer amplifier, requiring only a 0 dBm drive.

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The triple-balanced architecture of the TMC170D, encompassing LO, RF, and IF components, ensures exceptional harmonic performance, with RF-to-IF isolation exceeding 80 dBc. Furthermore, all ports are meticulously matched to 50 Ω, boasting a VSWR better than 1.5:1.

To power this state-of-the-art active mixer, three bias voltages are required: +5 V drawing 90 mA, +7 V drawing 90 mA, and –3 V drawing 55 mA.

The broad frequency coverage offered by the TMC170D renders it ideally suited for applications in electronic warfare (EW) and high-performance mmWave instrumentation systems.

As the utilization of the mmWave spectrum continues to expand for various communication and other applications, the demand for signals intelligence (SIGINT) receivers capable of covering the extended spectrum has escalated. The TMC170D emerges as a game-changer, facilitating rapid scanning for the detection and classification of signals. With its generous bandwidth across RF, LO, and IF, this active mixer presents versatile frequency planning options and simplifies the design of receivers for software-defined radios employed in drones and portable SIGINT systems.

In the realm of instrumentation systems, such as vector network analyzers (VNA), the need to enhance capabilities to deliver precise measurements in the higher mmWave bands has become imperative. The TMC170D not only serves as a valuable component in frequency extenders but also enables the integration of wide bandwidth front-ends directly into VNAs and spectrum analyzers, thereby enhancing their performance.

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Available in die form, the TMC170D measures 1.6 mm (input to output) x 1.09 mm (width) x 75 µm (thickness). The bond pad and backside metallization are Au-based, ensuring compatibility with standard wire bonding and high-conductivity epoxy die attach processes.

In conclusion, the TMC170D from mmTron Inc. represents a significant leap forward in the realm of active mixers, offering unparalleled frequency conversion capabilities and paving the way for enhanced performance in a diverse array of applications across the electronics industry.



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