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Paige Questions Lindsay’s Loyalty to Danielle Amid ‘Summer House’ Feuds

paige questions lindsays loyalty to danielle amid summer house feuds 1

Spilling the tea! Summer House’s Paige DeSorbo gave her unfiltered opinion about Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera’s friendship amid questions of loyalty and blind allegiance.

During season 7 of Summer House, which premiered on February 13, tension between Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke began spreading throughout the house. After Danielle, 34, inserted herself into the drama by defending Carl, 38, against Kyle’s claims that he was a bad Loverboy employee, the girls of the house got involved.

“There was a time where Carl was probably unemployable because he wasn’t showing up and Kyle took a chance on him,” Ciara Miller said during a ladies’ afternoon tea on the Monday, February 27, episode.

Kyle’s wife, Amanda Batula, also tried to clear the air and explain to Danielle that the issues between her husband, 40, and Carl were much more complex than anyone knew.

“There was a lot of things that [Carl] did that I think any other company would have fired him,” Amanda, 31, said during Monday’s episode, referring to Kyle’s previous outburst when he claimed Carl was “coked out” during a past workday. “It was constant. It was coming from other people that he worked with.”

The Loverboy creative director then asked Danielle to just let the guys “work this out” and not call Carl or his then-girlfriend, Lindsay, and stir the pot. (Carl and Lindsay, who got engaged in August 2022, were out of town when the episode filmed and therefore unable to defend themselves.)

“That ship has sailed. I texted [them],” Danielle quipped, noting she spoke with her then-best friend and the former Loverboy VP of sales shortly after she yelled at Kyle for his negative comments.

Amanda later told the cameras: “I’m not mad at Danielle for already telling Carl and Lindsay. I just want [the] Carl and Kyle drama all resolved and squashed. I don’t want this to cause more tension.”

The problem, however, did grow after Kyle overheard Danielle claiming he was too drunk to talk to about their current tiff. “Kyle Cooke wins most dramatic in my book because I have never seen a man storm off like he does,” Ciara, 27, jokingly said during a confessional. “The drama honey, of the storm out!”

After Kyle excused himself from the situation — and left the pool party the group was at — Paige, 30, asked Danielle why she was so invested in Kyle and Carl’s feud. (The former coworkers have since parted ways professionally, with Carl confirming in February that he doesn’t work at Loverboy.)

“I’m loyal to a fault,” Danielle told the girls, to which Ciara asked, “Do you feel like the same people you ride for they ride for you?”

Paige, for her part, pointed out that after five years of summering with Danielle, Lindsay, 36, and Carl, she has never seen the tech guru’s efforts reciprocated.

“Have I ever felt, for one summer, that Lindsay as ever rode for you the way you f—king ride for her? No,” the fashion consultant told Danielle, who was holding back tears. “I know for a fact that last night, if we were at dinner and Kyle said s—t about Danielle that Carl and Lindsay would sit there and not say anything.”

Toward the end of filming season 7 in summer 2022, Danielle’s friendship with Lindsay shifted and the pair had a major falling out. The drama is pegged to Lindsay and Carl’s sudden engagement and Danielle’s alleged lack of support over the situation, which viewers will see later this season.

Summer House airs on Bravo Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

Scroll down for the biggest moments from season 2, episode 3:

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