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Nigeria news : Expert explains 5G, rubbishes rumours linking technology to COVID-19

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Nigeria news : Expert explains 5G, rubbishes rumours linking technology to COVID-19, An Information and Communication Technology expert, Mr Jide Awe, on Sunday, dismissed rumors linking coronavirus to 5G technology.

The Nigerian government on Saturday denied it was set to allow the use of 5G in the country.

But Awe called the fears baseless conspiracy theories and misinformation.

Awe told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the misinformation was a mixture of ignorance, unsubstantiated evidence and zeal.

Awe said there had always been concerns about the dangers of radiation from cell phones and networks and that even if genuine, they were unsubstantiated.

“I was shocked when I saw 5G networks being linked to the emission of coronavirus; false information should not be passed around at a period like this where a lot of people are having panic attacks and feeling uncertain due to the virus outbreak.

“The concerns are about radiofrequency radiation from cell networks, but mainstream science studies have shown no link and research is still ongoing.

“Issues that are totally unrelated are now being muddled up on the Internet by these conspiracy theorists using the social media platforms.

“I have watched many of the videos and even read their studies on 5G, but the truth is that their so-called findings are not recognized by any credible sources in the global academic, scientific and health communities, which include organizations such as World Health Organisations (WHO), International Telecommunication Union (ITU),” Awe noted.

He said that most of the conspiracy theories emanated from random blogs or videos on social media that had become not just influential but dangerous.

“It is so sad that we have prominent people in the society being hoodwinked and helping to spread the misinformation,” the ICT expert said.

Awe added that 5G is an incredible technology that will transform the world and lives; it will also enable us to maximize emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence(AI) and video applications to drive innovation and productivity.

“With the right policies it can help in addressing our developmental challenges. It will be a shame if we allow misinformation to hold us back and deny our children this unique growth opportunity.

“The funny thing is that quite a few countries including Nigeria have no 5G networks yet we already have COVID-19 confirmed people. So, how come?

“South Korea was the first to launch a 5G network and there have been no negative reports,” he noted.

Awe told people to reason that technology advanced countries in Asia, Europe and America would not want to endanger their populace if the network was dangerous.

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