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Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Takes Firm Stance Against Drug Abuse

In a bold move to combat the rising issue of drug abuse among students, the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education in Rivers State has taken strict disciplinary action against two students involved in illicit drug dealings. The rustication of these students serves as a stern warning to others, highlighting the institution’s unwavering commitment to discouraging drug-related activities on campus.

Chairman of the Students Ethnics and Disciplinary Committee, Martins Adekanmbi, emphasized the university’s dedication to eradicating drug abuse during a recent press conference. Adekanmbi revealed that the institution’s management has been actively engaged in an internal awareness campaign, targeting drug abuse and other forms of misconduct.

“The Students Affairs, the VC, the Ethics and the Disciplinary Committee, we believe that it is time to do a sensitization concerning this issue of ethics and discipline among the students, which is under my direct purview,” stated Adekanmbi.

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To further reinforce their efforts, the university collaborated with the Police Community Relations Committee (PCRC) and the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to organize a sensitization program aimed at curbing the menace of drug abuse. Adekanmbi expressed optimism that this joint initiative would greatly contribute to addressing the issue.

The university’s disciplinary measures for drug-related offenses are severe. According to Adekanmbi, any student found using drugs would face expulsion for one session and would be required to present a certificate of fitness from a psychiatric hospital upon their return. This policy applies to substances such as marijuana, colos, loud, and other drugs commonly abused by students.

“We don’t want that kind of expulsion, and we don’t want our children to terminate their destiny from the beginning,” Adekanmbi emphasized. “We’ve had two students that have been expelled almost two years ago, and we have found cases like that.”

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The sensitization program, organized by the PCRC and the NDLEA, aims to create awareness about the dangers of drug abuse among the student population. By engaging students directly, the program seeks to educate them about the severe consequences of drug use and the impact it can have on their future.

The university’s proactive approach to tackling drug abuse is commendable, as it not only prioritizes the well-being and success of its students but also recognizes the wider societal implications of drug-related issues. Adekanmbi believes that this sensitization program will go a long way in addressing various societal problems associated with drug abuse.

By taking a strong stance against drug abuse, the Ignatius Ajuru University of Education is setting an example for other educational institutions across the country. The university’s commitment to fostering a safe and conducive learning environment is evident in its dedication to maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for drug-related offenses.

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As the sensitization program gains momentum, it is expected to contribute significantly to reducing drug abuse cases on campus. Through collaboration with external organizations like the PCRC and the NDLEA, the university is harnessing the collective efforts of various stakeholders to combat this pressing issue.

The Ignatius Ajuru University of Education’s unwavering commitment to addressing drug abuse and its proactive approach in organizing sensitization programs demonstrate its dedication to the well-being and success of its students. By instilling a sense of discipline and ethics, the institution is shaping future leaders who will contribute positively to society.

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