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I/Q mixer covers 5G mmWave frequencies

The SMIQ-653H-D+ from Mini-Circuits also has applications in satellite, Radar, and measurement equipment.

Covering 18 GHz to 65 GHz, the SMIQ-653H-DG+ I/Q mixer from Mini-Circuits comes as an unpackaged die that you can install on a board or in a module. The mixer’s frequency range covers today’s 5G mmWave frequencies plus other bands.

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Based on a GaAs HBT process, the SMIQ-653H-DG+ has an IF frequency rage from DC to 20 GHz and can handle local oscillator (LO) input port from +17 dBm to +19 dBm. Because it’s a passive mixer, the SMIQ-653H-DG+ offers a lower noise figure than active mixers ensuring superior dynamic range for high-performance applications, says Mini-Circuits.

i q mixer covers 5g mmwave frequencies

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