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How Wicryt is scamming its customers and forcing them not to leave the platform, from a personnel experience

For months now the Wicryt network has been forcing its customers not to leave the platform by disabling their force unstake button and making it fail when the customer is trying to leave the platform.

First of all, what is Wicryt

Wicrypt is a decentralized hotspot sharing and token mining network that allows you to earn WNT cryptocurrency when people connect to your WiFI.

To enter this platform you have to buy the device.


Mining Of the WNT Cryptocurrency.

To start mining you have to stake a minimum of 100$ of its WNT Cryptocurrency in the platform on ether mobile and website then use the device.

Now you will think that you are making money write this is where you are wrong after interviewing many users of the device and I also used it myself, this is how it really works.

Your Staking.

when you first stake your 100$ on the platform it’s not tied to the USD it’s tied to the WNT Cryptocurrency this means that whenever the WNT Cryptocurrency goes down in value your staking (100$) goes down with it which thereby ends your ability to mine, believe me when I say this, it goes down a lot, so you will end up adding more money ( as the platform calls it top up) to the platform for you to keep that 100$ cap.

The Platform itself.

It so so so so have many issues, so many I can’t even describe it,

The Top-up button is always having issues of not working: this is when you want to add money to the platform when your staking goes down and you can’t mine it will not always work when you contact the care service their answer is always patient it will be fixed, this will go on for weeks if not months.

The Force unstake button this never works: this is the button that lets you remove or move your money when you put it on a fixed time of months or years, now when your money is going down for you to add more money you have to remove the money that you have to your wallet ( as they call it force unstake) then add more money to buy WNT coin so that you can mine, it does not work, up thing this day as off writing this article, it does don’t work.

This means when you want to leave the platform, you cannot, cause that button that makes you leave it doesn’t work.

The Wallet.

The wallet system always works when you want to add money (fund) funding your wallet always works as you would expect from a scam platform, when you want to add money it will always work.

But Withdraw button for you to take the money you made from the mining always has issues, when ever you want to collect the money you made from mining you have to complain a lot and many times to the care service before they will allow you and this is when you are able to because your staking would have dropped below the point that what you mine you will end up adding money to it, to add to the platform.

Now let me talk about the device itself.

It’s a high-cost device that is not worth it,

The device rang signal is bad: if you are in a room it can only work when the device is with you, when it’s not too close to you, you can’t do anything or browse.

if the device goes off, you have to be signing into the device every time with the mobile app, if you are not logged in, it’s a problem cause there won’t be any internet to do anything with, so you have to have like other means of the internet when you are using the device.


This is the part where you are supposed to be making money right, this is where you are wrong, now the device and its system was built in a way that you can’t make more than you put in the system this makes making a profit impossible from the 180$ that you used in buying it, 100$ of your first staking and you will keep on losing money, and you get older on the platform,

Now when you are new when you come into the platform everything will work for you so that this can keep you in the platform, you will earn like 30$ per month, now when you get into month three, then you will start toping up ( adding more money) to keep up with your staking as time goes on what you will make per month will keep on going lower to like 2$ to 3$ per month, and your staking (your money on the platform) will keep on going down there by adding more and making less, keeping you hook on like a drug that you can’t leave, cause you don’t have a choice, even me my money is still on it, to leave is a problem cause they can’t allow you to unstake, to take my money out up thing now.

Also on the mining, they can decide not to pay you, even if your device meets all requirements to be paid.

And I need my money. the staking money I put.

If you know how to sue this platform to get my money out please contact this platform they can reach out to me. still have up to 100$ of staking on it to get it out.

This is 100% from my experience of using the platform believe me do not fall victim. Social media promoters that are promoting the platform knows about this, but just want you to lose your money because they were all bought on it.

Those that are on its telegram saying they are making money are among those that own the platform.

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  1. Even me too same thing, the worst part is that the care service will just be lying that everything is working fine, and the CEO too will also be liying

  2. All this Cryptocurrency platforms you better be careful falling victim and you lose your money

  3. How did NCC even approve such a system, did it no do its checks.
    Is it that the government knows about it all

  4. I said it when this WNT first came out, it was just too good to be true, something fishy was at stake, now it’s ass is out,
    Was a disappointment


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