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Governor Aiyedatiwa’s Controversial Move Sparks Outcry: Ondo State HoS Sacked

Aiyedatiwa erasing Akeredolu's legacy with sack of Ondo HoS - Group

In a recent turn of events in Ondo State, a storm of controversy has erupted following the abrupt retirement of the Head of Service, Kayode Ogundele, by Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa. The Aketi Legacy Movement, a prominent group in the region, has sounded the alarm, alleging that this move is part of a calculated effort to erase the legacy of the late former Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu from the annals of the state’s history.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Ebenezer Adeniyan, made the announcement on Tuesday, revealing that Governor Aiyedatiwa had given his nod to the retirement of Ogundele, ushering in Bayo Philip as the Acting Head of Service with immediate effect.

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In a strongly worded statement penned by Yomi Ayodele, the publicity secretary of the Aketi Legacy Movement, the group expressed grave concerns over the implications of this decision. “The recent announcement of Mr. Kayode Ogundele’s retirement has once again underscored our belief that Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa is on a mission to obliterate every vestige of the late Governor Akeredolu’s legacy,” the statement read.

While the Governor’s spokesperson claimed that Ogundele’s retirement was approved by Aiyedatiwa, the Aketi Legacy Movement contends that the move was a forced exit, rather than a voluntary retirement as portrayed. They argue that the Governor’s actions are swiftly eroding the foundations laid by his predecessor, the late Akeredolu.

Furthermore, the group highlighted the demographic shift in leadership, noting that Ogundele, an Ikare native, was replaced by Bayo Philips, an Ilaje descent, as the new Head of Service. This shift, according to the group, raises concerns about the Governor’s motives and his focus on regional affiliations in key appointments.

In response to the backlash, Adeniyan defended the decision, suggesting that politicizing the issue would be an oversimplification. He emphasized that the move was aimed at rejuvenating the civil service for enhanced efficiency and performance.

The controversy surrounding Ogundele’s retirement has reignited discussions about political maneuvering and the preservation of legacies in Ondo State. As stakeholders and observers closely monitor the unfolding events, the implications of Governor Aiyedatiwa’s actions on governance and public service remain a subject of intense debate.

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In the midst of these developments, the people of Ondo State find themselves at a crossroads, grappling with the shifting sands of leadership and the echoes of past administrations. The delicate balance between continuity and change hangs in the air, as the state navigates through this tumultuous chapter in its history.

As the saga unfolds, one thing remains clear: the winds of change are blowing through Ondo State, reshaping its political landscape and leaving a trail of uncertainty in their wake.



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